2010-2011 ASLCS Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 

Conference Call
October 8, 2010


Call to Order

The Conference Call meeting of the Executive Committee was called to order by the Honorable Rob Marchant, Chief Clerk of the Wisconsin Senate and ASLCS President at 3:04 pm.



The following members of the committee were present:


Robert Marchant (WI)


Russell Humphrey (TN)


Terry Spieler (MO)


Dotson Wilson (CA)


Karen Wadsworth (NH)


Scott Kaiser (IL)


George Bishop (VA)


Eleanor Ringel (WV)


Suzi Lowell (AK)


Gregory Gray (WV)


Nathan Hatfield (VA)


Norma Chastain (AZ)


Other members/guests in attendance included Patrick Harris, AL, Assistant Secretary of the Senate and Angela Andrews, NCSL liaison to ASLCS.

New Business

Discussion of 2011 Joint Canadian –American Meeting and hotel contract:

The contract with the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Spa, site of the Joint Canadian-American meeting to be held October 13-16, 2011, was discussed at length. Pat Harris indicated that he can’t sign the contract because he lacks the authority to bind the state of Alabama. He requested that the Executive Committee authorize the President to sign the contract on behalf of ASLCS. Pat is hopeful that the meeting will have very high attendance, but concern was expressed because the Joint meeting follows closely on the heels of the PDS in Branson, MO (9/28-10/2/11). It was noted that the attrition cost for the Joint meeting in Richmond, VA in 2007 was over $21,000. Seventy-nine rooms were in the block, and only 34 were actually used. Pat Harris is trying to maintain the very desirable room rate of $119/night with 85 rooms in the block.

Angela Andrews said that NCSL suggests looking again at four items to renegotiate in the contract: 1) Room block reduction to 65 room nights each night; 2) 80% attrition threshold instead of 90%; 3) cut-off date closer to the meeting and 4) a complimentary hospitality suite. Pat Harris was asked to work with the hotel to re-negotiate items 1-3. The understanding would be that money needed to pay any attrition would come from the meeting account in Alabama.

Before the President signs any contract for this meeting, more information is still needed, including NCSL liability coverage.

President Marchant suggested that we lay this issue over until next week. All agreed.

Discussion of re-negotiating 2011 PDS hotel contract (Branson, MO)

The Chateau on the Lake is willing to drop the room block. Currently, with 790 room nights, if we go under 711 room nights we would pay an attrition fee. We could renegotiate to 686 room nights with no attrition threshold. This would allow for only 2 suite upgrades, and ASLCS would run the risk of having no guarantee of rooms if the number goes over. President Marchant reminded all that the ASLCS L190 account is there to absorb “bumps in the road.” It was decided to leave the Branson contract as is – 790 room nights with a 90% attrition threshold.

It was noted that the meeting budget of $35,000 for Branson may be reconsidered

Milwaukee PDS Reimbursement

George Bishop moved, seconded by Terry Spieler, to reimburse Greg Gray an additional $60 for gifts purchased for the PDS, over and above the expenses allowed by Standing Order – Section 1.D. Unanimously adopted.

LSMI Reimbursement

Terry Spieler moved, seconded by Norma Chastain, to appropriate $2,250 for the Betty King Scholarship budget to cover costs associated with 2 individuals attending LSMI this past summer (Standing Orders, Section V “F”). The Senate of Virginia will be reimbursed $1,125 to cover the amount for Nathan Hatfield.  Funds will come from the PDS Revolving Account. Unanimously adopted.

Special Committee on Mason’s Manual

President Marchant announced the formation of a special committee which will have as it’s charge a review of the Standing Order on Mason’s Manual and recommendation concerning the Standing Order and whether to appoint a new commission. Members are: Patsy Spaw, TX (Chair); Butch Speer, LA; Denise Weeks, NC; Laura Clemons, OH; and George Bishop, VA.

Noting that the dates for the spring meeting of the Executive Committee have not been set, members were asked to send their session schedules for April to President Marchant and Angela Andrews.


Upon a motion by Norma Chastain, seconded by Greg Gray, the conference call meeting was adjourned at 4:17pm, ET.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Wadsworth (NH)