ASLCS Program Development Committee Meeting

NCSL Legislative Summit
Louisville, Kentucky
July 25, 2010


Call to Order

The meeting of the Program Development Committee was called to order by Scott Kaiser, IL, Chair. 


The following members of the committee were present:


Scott Kaiser (IL), Chair


Donna Robinson Holiday (KY)


David Gibson (VT), Vice-Chair


Emily Howard (VA)


Janice Gadd (UT), Vice-Chair


Adanna Hydes (KY)


Bonnie Alexander (ID)


Ruby Johnson (LA)


Mardi Alexander (TX)


Laurel Johnston (HI)


Mary Andrus (UT)


Jamie Kruse (NE)


Mitchell "Mick" Bailey (WV)


Cheryl Laube (AZ)


Matthew Baker (NV)


Michael Linn (MN)


Judy Barrows (ME)


Patty Lung (VA)


Lucinda Benjamin (NV)


Sandra Morris (KY)


George Bishop (VA)


Lenore Naranjo (NM)


Jay Braxton (VA)


Trish OBrion (VA)


Michael Burkhart (WV)


Patrick O'Donnell (NE)


Scott Caffey (TX)


Janet Pruitt (NC)


Carmen Cauthen (NC)


Jeff Renk (WI)


Norma Chastain (AZ)


Eleanor Ringel (WV)


Claire Clift (NV)


Paula Rossetto (CA)


Lisa Davis (MS)


Dianne Russell (NC)


Burney Durham (TN)


Pat Saville (KS)


Marilyn Eddins (CO)


Jackie Scott (VA)


Jeff Finch (VA)


Bonnie Trivette (NC)


Tisha Gieser (AK)


Linda Tubbs (TX)


Jane Gill (NV)


Tricia Vaughan (VA)


Virginia Habansky (VA)


Susan Whitford (NV)


Judy Hall (OR)


Maureen Wilson (UT)


Anna Hanback (VA)


Patience Worrel (TX)


Nathan Hatfield (VA)



Other members/guests in attendance included Lourdes Guerra, TX; Linda Hopkins, TX; Maryann Horch, VA; Susan Furlong Reil, NV; Terry Spieler, MO; and Angela Andrews, NCSL Liaison to ASLCS.  Greg Gray, WV, President, ASLCS, was also briefly in attendance.

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Janice Gadd, seconded by Jeff Finch, the minutes of the last meeting held April 10, 2010, during the Spring Meeting in New York, New York, were approved.

Old Business

Angela Andrews reported on the two sessions ASLCS was cosponsoring at the NCSL Legislative Summit, "Greening the Legislature" and "Protecting Legislative Records in the Digital Age." Scott Kaiser noted that both of those issues will be discussed in the concurrent session on the pros and cons of going "green" at our Professional Development Seminar (PDS) in Milwaukee. 

An updated draft schedule for the PDS was distributed, and some of the changes from previous years were discussed, including having the plenary in two parts with the luncheon and business meeting in between.  

There will be two concurrent sessions on the recently-completed 2010 edition of Mason's Manual, and Butch Speer, Chair of the Mason's Manual Commission, provided an overview of what will be covered in the introductory and advanced sessions. 

Jay Braxton, Chair of the Support Staff Committee, reported that they will be trying something new for the Staff Group Breakouts this year. Rather than having a number of small, job-specific groups, the plan to have three groups – Principal Clerks and Secretaries, Legislative Operations Staff, and Administrative and Support Services Staff. 

Another innovation this year is an optional Community Service Project. Sponsor LexisNexis will provide the materials, and attendees are invited to help stuff backpacks with the basic school supplies children need to be successful. The completed packs will be given to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee for distribution. Angela Andrews noted that this would be fun way to network with your colleagues, and that refreshments would be provided. 

There was some concern that the time set aside for the meeting of special committees conflicted with the Community Service Project, and it was suggested that perhaps the special committees could meet during one of the open lunch periods. 

Jay Braxton noted that everyone is encouraged to bring an item from their Chamber to display at the Legislative Expo, with copies to pass out if the item lends itself to that. Vendors will also be invited to take part in the Expo, so there should be lots of information for everyone. 

The final change announced by Scott Kaiser is that there will be a show by a comedy troupe rather than dancing after the State Dinner. 

New Business

There was no new business to come before the committee. 


Upon a motion by Pat O'Donnell, seconded by Jay Braxton, the meeting was adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted,
Scott Kaiser, IL, Chair
Judy Barrows, ME, Acting Recorder