ASLCS Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

NCSL Legislative Summit
Louisville, Kentucky
July 26, 2010 


Call to Order

The ASLCS Executive Committee was called to order Monday, July 26, 2010 at 12:10 p.m. Honorable Greg Gray, Clerk of the West Virginia House of Delegates and President of ASLCS, presiding. The President noted that Terry Spieler was present for the meeting in her newly appointed position as Secretary-Treasurer. (This was due to the resignation of Claire Clift from her position as Secretary of the Nevada Senate on May 25, 2010, and Ms. Spieler’s appointment subsequently having been unanimously confirmed by the Executive Committee on June 30, 2010.) 


The following members of the committee were present: (Check members present)


Greg Gray (WV)


Al Mathiowetz (MN)


Robert Marchant (WI)


Jeannine Wood (ID)


Terry Spieler (MO)


Mardi Alexander (TX)


Norma Chastain (AZ)


Nathan Hatfield (VA)


George Bishop (VA)


Millie MacFarland (ME)




Carmen Cauthen (NC)

 Other members/guests in attendance included: Angela Andrews, NCSL liaison to ASLCS; Judy Hall, Secretary of the Senate, OR; Karen Wadsworth, Clerk of the House of Representatives, NH; David Gibson, Secretary of the Senate, VT; Laura Clemens, Deputy Clerk of the House of Representatives, OH; and Dave Avant, Administrative Assistant to the Secretary, AL. 

Approval of Minutes

On motion of Millie MacFarland, seconded by Carmen Cauthen, the minutes of April 10, 2010 and June 30, 2010 were unanimously approved. 

Treasurer’s Report

Terry Spieler, Secretary-Treasurer, submitted the following report, detailing deposits and disbursements from the ASLCS dues account: 


Beginning balance on 4/2/10 $55,051.10
Deposit on 6/9/10 3,250.00
Deposit on 6/9/10 195.00
Subtotal $58,496.10



ASLCS President Greg Gray
     2010 PDS Site Visit
Treasurer of Virginia
     Spring Professional Journal
California State Senate
     Spring Legislative Administrator
(Subtotal) $(3,410.61)
Total $55,085.49

General discussion was held regarding the timing of transfer of funds from the Dues Account to the ASLCS Special Meetings Fund (L190) account. Explanation was given by the Secretary-Treasurer of two disbursement items yet to be paid, $2,615.70 to the Texas Senate for publication and mailing of the 2009-2010 ASLCS Roster and Reference Guide and $191.93 to the Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau for expenses incurred on behalf of the Society. On motion of Al Mathiowetz, seconded by Rob Marchant, the Treasurer=s Report, including payment of the above referenced disbursements, was unanimously approved. 

Old Business

Angela Andrews presented a review of the Special Meetings Fund (L190 Account), the Professional Development Revolving Account (LLCS), the 2010 Professional Development Seminar budget and a summary of fundraising for Milwaukee.  

In reviewing the budget for the PDS in Milwaukee, Angela reported $56,049.00 had been raised to date, with host state expenses of approximately $4,000.00 paid. As of July 26, there are 60 full paying attendees registered. Angela will supply the Committee with a break even number of registrations needed. Food and beverage costs in Milwaukee were discussed and it was noted that the prices for the state dinner are less than the 2009 meeting in Seattle. Also, LexisNexis will be contributing $5,000.00 to the President’s Reception which will be held immediately prior to the State Dinner. During the fundraising discussion, it was brought to members’ attention of a contribution made by Norman Moore, former Chief Clerk of the Arizona House of Representatives. Executive Committee members expressed their gratitude to Norman for his generosity. 

New Business

Karen Wadsworth, Chair of the Bylaws and Standing Orders Committee, reported the revision of the Index-ASLCS Standing Orders had been completed. She stated it had been an ongoing project for a couple of years and asked the Executive Committee to adopt the index. The change from Aretired@ member to Aformer@ member was discussed and noted that in instances where a reference to a Aformer@ member is used, it will be placed in the correct alphabetical sequence. With this correction, Rob Marchant moved and George Bishop seconded a motion to adopt the revised index. The motion was unanimously approved. 

On behalf of the Site Selection Committee, Dave Avant reported that no state had stepped forward with an offer to host the 2012 PDS. Therefore, Site Selection was recommending a no-host site of Portland, Maine. Further discussion and a decision were deferred until Milwaukee in order to allow representatives of Maine to evaluate timing, logistics and staff participation. Concerns were expressed that the continuation of no-host sites could discourage bids by states for future Professional Development Seminars. It was agreed lack of money, not lack of interest, seemed to be the deterrent. 

An update of the 2010 PDS in Milwaukee was given by Angela and Rob.   Plans are going well. Rob explained that a change would be made regarding entertainment after the state dinner. Attendees will be treated to a performance by a comedy troupe, rather than the traditional dance. 

Angela reported that each staff section is being asked to contribute $100.00 to the LSCC Fall Webinar AHow to Give a Good Presentation@ by John Turcotte. Committee members who have participated in previous webinars agreed that these sessions are an excellent learning tool for staff. On motion of Carmen Cauthen, seconded by Nathan Hatfield, an ASLCS contribution of $100.00 was unanimously approved.      

Committee members were given a five year review of previous PDS meeting expenses. The costs of food, beverage and transportation, as well as the number of attendees were among the items listed. Following up on a previous request, Angela provided a detailed accounting of the President’s Leadership Appreciation Event Fund. No action was taken regarding this item. 

President Gray expressed his concern that budgetary restrictions may be keeping members from seeking officer positions within the Society. He asked the Committee to consider ways moneys might be used when such situations arise. A discussion ensued of the pros and cons of the issue and of ways to keep members active and informed if they are unable to travel. After a lengthy discussion, members felt future discussions are warranted, but on a broader level. The possibility of a questionnaire being sent to Society members was broached, but no action taken.  

Other Business

George Bishop mentioned the Standing Orders on the website are not current. Angela agreed to resolve the issue. 


On motion of Millie MacFarland, seconded by Mardi Alexander, the meeting adjourned at 1:25 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,
Terry L. Spieler
ASLCS Secretary-Treasurer