Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Conference Call
December 16, 2010

Call to Order

The Conference Call meeting of the Executive Committee was called to order by the Honorable Rob Marchant, Chief Clerk of the Wisconsin Senate and ASLCS President, at 3:35 pm.


The following members of the committee were present: (Check members present)


Robert Marchant (WI)


Russell Humphrey (TN)


Terry Spieler (MO)


Dotson Wilson (CA)


Karen Wadsworth (NH)


Scott Kaiser (IL)


George Bishop (VA)


Eleanor Ringel (WV)


Suzi Lowell (AK)


Gregory Gray (WV)


Nathan Hatfield (VA)


Norma Chastain (AZ)

Angela Andrews, NCSL and ASLCS liaison, was also on the call.

Approval of Minutes

Upon motions by Russell Humphrey, seconded by George Bishop, the minutes of September 12, 2010 (Milwaukee PDS) and October 12, 2010 (conference call) were unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Upon a motion by Terry Spieler, seconded by Nathan Hatfield, the Treasurer’s Report showing a balance of $29,114.39 in the ASLCS dues account was approved.

Old Business

Angela reviewed the activity in the Special Meetings Fund (L190) account, including a contribution from International Roll Call for the Business Luncheon in Louisville during NCSL. Income from the fund-raising for Milwaukee and Host State expenses were reviewed, as was the financial report for the President’s dinner in Milwaukee. (Copies of these reports are on file.) It was noted that 12/31/09 showed the last interest earned on the L190 account. No NCSL accounts are gaining interest.

Dotson Wilson asked for information regarding the cost of hosting the Professional Development Seminar. It was pointed out that cost depends on the city/state – Seattle was $60,000 while Milwaukee was $40,000.

All agreed with Scott Kaiser, who congratulated Rob Marchant of a great job of fundraising for the Milwaukee PDS.

Angela Andrews agreed to get new accounting for the President’s Dinner. She also noted that all NCSL Staff Sections have been asked to contribute $100 to the NCSL webinar program. The President asked if we should transfer money to this. After discussion, no action was taken. It was agreed to revisit this item at the Spring Meeting.

The Milwaukee PDS made a profit of $6,855.16. There were 130 fully paid attendees at $325, 17 guests at $195, 3 business registrations at $500 and 33 comp’d expenses for sponsors and faculty. Contributions to the meeting were applied to the meeting, not deposited in the L190 account.

New Business

Angela Andrews noted the money raised by Denise Weeks (Budget & Revenue Committee) and Susan Schaar, chair of the No-Host Committee, for the Branson meeting, which was deposited into the L190 account. On behalf of Ann Cornwell and Susan Schaar, she thanked the Executive Committee for funding the No-Host Committee members visit to Branson. All three of them visited the venues, and the plan is to keep all activities in Branson. Notice was made of the telephone poll which allowed for the coverage of expenses for the site visit.

The Portland, ME venue for the 2012 PDS was the subject of discussion due to the fact that both the Clerk of the House and Secretary of the Senate are new this year. The possibility of choosing an alternate site was briefly discussed, and the President will confer with Pat Harris, Chair of Site Selection about potential locations. Less expensive No-Host sites would be desirable. We hope to have information available at the Spring meeting to resolve this issue.

Terry Spieler and Russell Humphrey reported on the Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee meetings held in October and December 2010. NCSL’s legislative staff recruitment video was a topic at both meetings, and ASLCS was asked for a representative to appear in the video. The President will receive detailed information from Angela regarding this project.

Pursuant to Section XVI (D)6, (E)7 and (C) 6 of the Standing Orders, the following publication budgets were approved:

  • Motion of Scott Kaiser, seconded by George Bishop to establish a budget of up to $10,000 for The Legislative Administrator;
  • Motion of George Bishop, seconded by Terry Spieler to establish a budget of up to $4,000 for the Journal of the American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries;
  • Motion of Scott Kaiser, seconded by Nathan Hatfield to establish a budget of up to $500 for the International Directory.

In response to an invitation received by the President, and on motion of President Marchant, seconded by George Bishop, the committee approved sending a designee, appointed by the President, to attend the Australia and New Zealand Association of Clerks at the Table (ANZACATT) meeting in Adelaide, South Australia, January 26-28, 2011. ASLCS will cover the cost of airfare.

Despite several email attempts, Angela reported that no associate members have applied to participate in the Associate Exchange Program. After discussion of host chambers and applicant eligibility, the application deadline was extended to January 31, 2011.


Upon a motion by George Bishop, seconded by Scott Kaiser, the meeting adjourned at 5:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Wadsworth, NH