Technology Meeting Minutes

ASLCS Spring Meeting
New York, NY
April 10, 2010 

Call to Order

The meeting of the Technology Committee was called to order by Burney Durham (TN), Co-Chair. 


The following members of the committee were present:


Russell Humphrey (TN), Co-Chair
Brad Hendrickson (WA)
Burney Durham (TN), Co-Chair
Joel Kintsel (OK)
Maryann Horch (VA), Vice-Chair
Dana Miller (MO)
Bonnie Alexander (ID)
Melanie Reekes (VA)
Stephen Arias (NM)
Jeffrey Renk (WI)
Matthew Baker (NV)
Philip Twogood (FL)
Michael Burkhart (WV)
Susan Whitford (NV)
Lee Cassis (WV)
Maureen Wilson (UT)
Bernard Dean (WA)
Paul Ziriax (OK)
Jane Gill (NV)

Dowe Littleton (AL), Scott Kaiser (IL), Mick Bailey (WV), President Greg Gray (WV), and Angela Andrews (NCSL liaison to ASLCS)

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Dowe Littleton (AL), seconded by Scott Kaiser (IL), the minutes of the last meeting held September 19, 2009, during the Fall Professional Development Seminar in Seattle, WA were approved. 

Old Business

Scott Kaiser (IL) – Chair of Program Development, started the discussion with the program which the Technology Committee is working on for the Professional Development Session for the Fall Meeting in Milwaukee.  Russell Humphrey (TN), Co-Chair, updated us that Tennessee would be presenting their new technologies (the technology that won TN the NCSL Technology award). This technology includes video taping Session, all meetings, and the indexing of them. (Worked with Granicus product and modified it.) This has really helped with public perception. Alan Whittington (TN) mentioned this has really helped the staff for research and documentation. 

Scott (IL) mentioned the other idea that had been discussed as a concurrent – Communicating with IT folk. Maybe this can be used at one of the future meetings. 

Scott continued with the 2nd part of the Technology concurrent – Wisconsin and their technologies, in particular their Committees and electronic voting. 

New Business

Scott (IL) listed he other program topics, which included:

New Member training (maybe add technology perspective); Legislative Off the Record; Green Technology – Hawaii is paperless and it would be great if they could present their green processes and procedures (Maybe another group could discuss their IT green technologies?); Comparative practices (Ours; Parliament; Indian Tribe); and At-will employment. 

Items to be fleshed out by the summer meeting in Louisville, KY.


Upon a motion by Dowe (AL), seconded by Melanie Reekes (VA), the meeting was adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted,
Alan Whittington (TN), Recorder