International Communication and Development Committee Meeting Minutes 

Spring Meeting
New York, New York
April 10, 2010

Call to Order

The meeting of the International Communication and Development Committee was called to order by Melanie Reekes (VA), Committee Recorder. 


The following members of the committee were present:

  Stephen Arias (NM), Chair     Ann Krekelberg (AK)
  Laura Clemens (OH), Vice-Chair   Sue Kumpulainien (CA)
  Robert Altmann (WV), Vice-Chair   X William Magill (VT)
  X Dave Avant (AL)   Steven Marshall (VT)
  X Diane Bell (FL)   Al Mathiowetz (MN)
  X George Bishop (VA)   Brad Metcalf (KY)
  Bradley Bolin (IL)   Ann-Berit Moyle (NV)
  Lee Cassis (WV)   Janet Pruitt (NC)
  X Claire Clift (NV)   X Melanie Reekes (VA)
  X Ann Cornwell (AR)   Don Richardson (MS)
  Bernard Dean (WA)   Sherry Rodriguez (NV)
  John Garrett (VA)   SusanClarke Schaar (VA)
  Judy Hall (OR)   X Patsy Spaw (TX)
  Pat Harris (AL)   Alfred Speer (LA)
  Brad Hendrickson (WA)   Sandy Tenney (UT)
  X Russell Humphrey (TN)   Philip Twogood (FL)
  Steve James (MA)   Robert Ward (FL)
  Chewetta Johnson (MS)   Peter Wattson (MN)
  Crystaline Jones (AK)   X Denise Weeks (NC)
  Diane Keetch (NV)   X Jeannine Wood (ID)
   X Tim Kehoe (CT)   Paul Ziriax (OK)
  Joel Kintsel (OK)    


Other members/guests in attendance included Scott Kaiser (IL), Dowe Littleton (AL), Michael Shonta (CT) and Jeanine Wittenberg (NV). 

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Denise Weeks (NC), seconded by Dowe Littleton (AL), the minutes of the last meeting held September 19, 2009, during theProfessional Development Seminar, in Seattle, Washington, were approved. 

Old Business

The committee discussed the status of the International Directory publication. Chair Arias is ready to proceed with the printing of the Directory and is working with the Washington State group on formatting. Once Chair Arias determines how many Directories should be printed, he will then decide whether the Directory will be printed in-house (in New Mexico) or sent out for printing.

New Business

Scott Kaiser, Program Chair, gave a preview of the 2010 PDS in Milwaukee. One of the concurrent sessions will be “Comparative Practices”. The panel will consist of someone from the US, possibly someone from Canada and a representative from a Native American Tribe from Wisconsin. Chair Arias previously appointed a subcommittee to develop an international program for the upcoming 2010 meeting.   It was then determined that the subcommittee will work with the Program Committee to develop the “Comparative Practices” session. 


Upon a motion by Ann Cornwell (AR), seconded by Dowe Littleton (AL), the meeting was adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted,
Melanie Reekes (VA), Committee Recorder