2010 (April) Executive Committee Minutes

Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Madison Room
New York, New York
April 10, 2010 

Call to Order

The meeting of the Executive Committee was called to order by ASLCS President, the Honorable Gregory Gray, Clerk of the West Virginia House of Delegates, at 2:02 p.m. 


The following members of the committee were present:

  X  Greg Gray (WV)     Al Mathiowetz (MN)
  X Robert Marchant (WI)   X  Jeannine Wood (ID)
  X Claire Clift (NV)   X Mardi Alexander (TX)
  Norma Chastain (AZ)   X Nathan Hatfield (VA)
  Terry Spieler (MO)   Millie MacFarland (ME)
  X George Bishop (VA)   X Carmen Cauthen (NC)

Angela Andrews, NCSL Liaison to ASLCS; Patsy Spaw, Secretary of the Senate, TX; and JoAnn Hedrick, Clerk-Emeritus of the House of Delegates, DE, were also in attendance. 

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Carmen Cauthen, seconded by Rob Marchant, the Executive Committee minutes of the December 10, 2009, meeting were unanimously approved. 

Treasure's Report

Beginning balance on 12/10/09 $32,369.80
Dues Deposit: 2/10/10 14,560.00
MO Dues Deposit (sent to NCSL):  2/19/10 195.00
Dues Deposit:  3/12/10 9,100.00
Dues Deposit:  4/02/10 2,795.00
Subtotal $59,019.80
VA Treasurer/Fall Journal ($1,931.48)
KY Treasurer/Dues Overpayment (65.00)
CA Senate/Winter Legislative Administrator (1,642.22)
(Subtotal) ($3,968.70)
Total $55,051.10


As of the date of the report, no further 2010 dues have been received. There are 330 dues-paying members. Of the dues-paying members, 15 members are new to the Society. 

Upon the motion by Jeannine Wood, seconded by Nathan Hatfield, the Treasurer's Report was unanimously approved. 

Old Business

Angela Andrews, NCSL Liaison, reviewed the following financial reports: the Special Meetings Fund (L190), the Professional Development Revolving Account (LLCS), the final 2009 Professional Development Seminar (PDS) Budget, the WI Host States' fundraising and expenditure reports. She noted that Washington State received enough contributions to pay the Seminar's transportation costs of approximately $4,300. Rob Marchant pointed out the current transportation cost for the Milwaukee PDS is accounted for within the 2010 PDS Budget Account. Claire Clift will review Nevada's Host State budget to determine whether Nevada paid any PDS transportation costs (NV did not pay transportation costs in 2008). The LLCS Account and 2009 PDS Budget Account information has been finalized; there were no profits realized from the Seattle PDS. 

Per Patsy Spaw's request, Angela will provide the Executive Committee an accounting of the Texas contribution provided to the Society for the President's Leadership Appreciation Event (LAE). Extended discussion was held by the Committee concerning the possibilities of appropriating Society funds for the President's LAE in the future and, if so, whether expenditure for the event should be capped and if the Executive Committee should have final approval of the event. This item was tabled and will be agendized for the July Executive Committee meeting. 

In reviewing the projected budget for the Fall PDS in Milwaukee, Angela noted $48,231 had been raised to date. Total estimated revenue, based on 150 registrations, 25 guests registrations and 20 complimentary registrations, would be approximately $54,000. Costs for the 2010 PDS are estimated at approximately $62,000. That results in a net loss of nearly $7,700. In further discussion, it was noted that, traditionally, the national sponsors' contributions are deposited directly into the L190 Account instead of the PDS Budget Account.  Upon a motion by George Bishop, seconded by Mardi Alexander, to deposit the contributions made by national sponsors for specific PDS events into the PDS Budget Account for 2010, the motion carried unanimously. 

President Gray directed Angela to review the following PDS information for the past five seminars: the number of meal functions; the food and beverage minimum; actual food costs; how transportation costs were paid; the number of registered participants, and the dollar amount contributed by national sponsors. 

General discussion was held regarding the timing of raising PDS registration fees, the current fiscal crisis being felt throughout the country and the possibility of the Society having to provide additional funding from the L190 Account to partially or fully fund future Professional Development Seminars. 

New Business

Angela Andrews updated the Committee on the progress of the 2010 PDS in Milwaukee. One Host State event deposit has been paid and the other event deposit is pending; some attendee gift items have been purchased as well. Rob Marchant added that plans are going well. 

President Gray informed the Committee that he would be attending the LSCC meeting in Denver in May and would be visiting Milwaukee for a site visit in the near future. Claire Clift moved to pre-approve funding for the President's trips; Rob Marchant seconded the motion which passed unanimously. 

Claire Clift submitted to the Committee draft language for the Dues Invoice memorandum and an explanation of W-9 Forms and Vendor Verification forms to be added to the Secretary/Treasurer's Manual. The proposed memo language provides specific information concerning the dues' rates for the current year, the date due for Associate members to remit their dues for inclusion in the Society's Roster publication and instructions on making changes to the invoice sent to the principal member. The W-9 and Vendor Verification sheet explains how the Secretary/Treasurer should complete the forms. Upon a motion by Claire, seconded by George Bishop, to adopt the draft language as proposed and include the W-9 and Vendor Verification forms' explanation in the manual, the motion passed unanimously. 

Upon a motion by Claire Clift, seconded by Rob Marchant, to approve expenditure of $100 for the LSCC Webinar "Writing for the Legislative Audience, the motion passed unanimously. 

Upon a motion by Carmen Cauthen, seconded by Rob Marchant, to approve the issuing of retirement certificates to former Principal members, Norm Moore, Jo Renshaw and Ellen Davenport; the motion passed unanimously. 

JoAnn Hedrick, Clerk-Emeritus, Delaware House of Delegates, reported that the Bylaws and Standing Orders Committee will be making revisions to the Standing Orders' Index and did not have a proposal for the Executive Committee to consider at this time. 


There being no other business or announcements to come before the Committee, Jeannine Wood moved to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Carmen Cauthen. The motion passed unanimously. President Gray adjourned the meeting at 3:17 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,
Claire J. Clift, NV, Secretary/Treasurer