Legislative Staff Services


Get Ready for Session Webinars

Get ready for session with two professional development webinars geared specifically to legislative staff. Fellow staffer Greg Fugate of Colorado will help hone your research acumen on Dec. 7, and NCSL's Curt Stedron will be on hand to help you perfect your presentation skills on Dec. 9. Register today!


Committee overviewing submissions at conference table

Staff Snapshots | Q & As With Legislative Staff

State Legislatures News is asking legislative staff about their roles in the legislature, what inspires them and what they love about their jobs. If you’d like to suggest a staffer for this series, please email Holly South at NCSL.



Professional Staff Associations

There are nine professional staff associations and a few staff networks associated with NCSL. These associations and networks offer opportunities for communication and professional development with your peers. Lean more about each of these groups and how to get involved.  




Directory of Webinars for Legislative Staff

NCSL offers a variety of webinars for legislative staff, from policy topics to professional development. This directory lists all webinars that relevant for legislative staff and available 24-7.