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Award Criteria

  • Exemplary service to the NCSL Standing Committees.
  • Demonstrates expertise in a particular field and contributes to existing knowledge.
  • Exhibits a high degree of professionalism, competence and integrity in serving the legislature and the public.
  • Supports the legislative process and the mission of the legislature.
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Previous Recipients


  • Steven Hernández, Esq., executive director, The Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity & Opportunity, Connecticut General Assembly
  • Andrea Wilko, chief economist, Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst, Utah Legislature


  • Drew Murray, senior legislative analyst, Louisiana House of Representatives
  • Eric Nauman, principal fiscal analyst, Minnesota Senate Counsel, Research, and Fiscal Analysis


  • Monique Appeaning, legislative fiscal analyst and special projects coordinator, Legislative Fiscal Office, Louisiana
  • Tara Bookholdt, senior budget and policy analyst, House Budget and Research Office, Georgia


  • James F. “Ted” Booth, general counsel, Mississippi Joint Legislative Committee on Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review (PEER)
  • Michelle Davis, senior policy analyst, Maryland Department
  • Frank Strigari, chief legal counsel, Ohio Senate
  • Jeffrey M. Wice, special counsel, New York Assembly of Legislative Services


  • Lonnie A. Edgar, Jr., principal analyst, Mississippi Joint Legislative PEER Committee
  • Jonathan Ball, director, Legislative Fiscal Analyst Office, Utah


  • Rachel Gudgel, director, Legislative Education Study Committee, New Mexico
  • Julie Pelegrin, deputy director, Office of Legislative Legal Services, Colorado


  • Stephanie Barrett, associate fiscal office, Legislative Joint Fiscal Office, Vermont
  • Ken Levine, director, Texas Sunset Commission


  • Martha Carter, legislative auditor, Nebraska Legislature
  • Kathy Schill, fiscal analyst, Department of Fiscal Analysis, Minnesota House of Representatives


  • Mary Quaid, executive director, House Legislative Services, Louisiana Legislature
  • Roderick N. Welsh, sergeant at arms, Texas House of Representatives


  • Jennifer Jones, Deputy Director, Sunset Advisory Commission, Texas Legislature
  • John Snyder, Committee Administrator, Legislative Research Commission, Kentucky General Assembly


  • Marion Higa, state auditor, Hawaii Office of the Auditor (Retired)
  • Holly Lyons, fiscal services division director, Legislative Services Agency, Iowa General Assembly


  • Melissa Calderwood, principal analyst, Legislative Research Department, Kansas Legislature
  • Karl Aro, executive director, Department of Legislative Services, Maryland General Assembly


  • Cheryl Reinhart, staff attorney, Arkansas General Assembly
  • Miriam A. Fordham, legislative committee analyst, Health and Welfare Committee, Legislative Research Commission, Kentucky
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