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2023 Call for Nominations

The NCSL Leadership Staff Professional Association (LSPA) invites your nominations for the 2023 Legislative Staff Achievement Award. Up to two legislative staff members are recognized each year for the important contributions they make to the legislative institution and process. Nominations can be made by state legislators or legislative staff. Recipients will receive a plaque and be honored at the Salute to Legislative Staff session at the annual LSPA Business Meeting and the 2023 NCSL Legislative Summit.

Nomination Form

Please send any questions, or if you want to make your nomination in hard copy, to

Award Criteria

A Legislative Staff Achievement Award nominee may be an individual, office, group or team whose contributions benefit the roles of leadership, personal and caucus, and should meet a significant number of the following criteria. At least one of the awards is presented to an individual who has been an active participant in Leadership Staff Professional Association activities, as evidenced by attendance at the Association's annual training seminars, and by other significant involvement with the Association.

Other examples include:

  1. Identified differences and used them positively to benefit our organization, and ultimately our roles in individual states.
  2. Identified significant areas within which we can learn from one another.
  3. Outstanding credibility and genuine interest in networking ideas.
  4. Common understanding necessary for inclusive contributions and acceptance of Leadership Staff Professional Association participants.
  5. Effectiveness in giving...self, time, resources, benefit our Association.
  6. Insights that can be developed through teamwork (ability to objectively process knowledge/patterns for contriving options for avoidance of common obstacles).
  7. Determined toward efficiency and betterment of professional selves or members; shares "best game" strategies.
  8. Promotes benefits gained from Leadership Staff Professional Association.
  9. Develops solution(s) for various subterfuges; emanating realistic expectations versus frustrations - for example, "New Dimensions for Change" ideas.
  10. Improved communication and/or participation in Leadership Staff Association.

2022 Award Recipient(s)
  • Aaron Goulette, New Hampshire House of Representatives
  • Jake Smeltz, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Previous Award Recipients


  • Dan Greer, West Virginia House of Delegates
  • Sherry McCoy, California Senate


  • Mechelle Evans, Louisiana House
  • Branden Pursinger, Oregon Senate


  • Christie Getto Young, Massachusetts Senate
  • Aurora Hauke, Alaska House


  • Sheron Violini, California Senate


  • Tom Krause, Georgia Senate


  • Charity Stowe, Indiana House


  • Naomi Miller, Texas House
  • Jen Jankowski, Utah House


  • Sallie Bolton, Kentucky House
  • Tom Wright, Alaska House


  • Janeen Halverson, Utah Senate
  • Aurora Hauke, Alaska House


  • Terri Franks-Smith, Idaho House
  • Arnold Sowell, California Assembly


  • Mechelle Miller, Louisiana House


  • Mary Sue Jones, Idaho Senate


  • Erlinda Campbell, New Mexico Senate
  • Barbara Oakes, Maryland House


  • Nancy Butcher, West Virginia House


  • Rosina Boyd, New Mexico House
  • Kurt Deweese, Illinois House


  • James Lovette, Pennsylvania House
  • Dawn Reese, Pennsylvania House


  • Laura Bauman, Indiana Senate
  • Erin Russell, Nevada Assembly


  • Diane Steward, Maine Senate


  • Joyce Johnson, Tennessee Senate
  • John Mullins, West Virginia House


  • Lori Rigby, Delaware House
  • Meredith Norris, North Carolina House


  • Mechelle Miller, Louisiana House
  • Charlotte Ellis Land, Kentucky House


  • Marsha Wise, Pennsylvania House
  • Kathy Holcomb, Michigan House


  • C. Louise Krautheim, Pennsylvania House
  • Jenifer Noland, Kentucky House


  • David W. Wilkins, Delaware Senate
  • Jan Shirrell, Indiana Senate


  • Thomas R. Tedcastle, Florida House
  • Toni Christman, Pennsylvania House
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