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The Legislative Education Staff Network is governed by a steering committee appointed by NCSL and the Education Commission of the States (ECS).

LESN Co-Chairs

Emily Adriaens, NCSL Co-Chair
Chief Fiscal Analyst 
Minnesota Legislature  
(651) 296-4178

Adrienne Beck, ECS Co-Chair
Legislative Analyst  
Arkansas Legislature
(501) 537-9180

NCSL Appointees

Erin Kennedy, Oklahoma
Senior Staff Attorney
Oklahoma Legislature
(405) 557-7493

Zachary Robbins, Virginia
Legislative Fiscal Analyst 
Virginia General Assembly
(804) 698-1592

Lisa Lovello, Louisiana 
Legislative Analyst 
Louisiana Legislature 
(225) 342-7340

ECS Appointees

Sunny Liu, New Mexico
Fiscal Analyst
New Mexico Legislature
(505) 986-4550

Laura Benitez, New Mexico
Committee Analyst
Arizona Legislature
(602) 926-3171

Jennifer Foor, New Hampshire
Committee Researcher
New Hampshire General Court 
(603) 271-3099

NCSL and ECS Staff

Marilyn Villalobos, LESN Coordinator 
Policy Associate 
National Conference of State Legislatures
(303) 856-1548

Emily Ronco, LESN Coordinator 
Staff Coordinator 
National Conference of State Legislatures
(303) 856-1467

Gabriela Rodriguez, LESN Coordinator
State Relations Associate 
Education Commission of the States
(303) 299-3638 

Joel Moore, LESN Coordinator
State Relations Strategist 
Education Commission of the States
(303) 299-3619

  • Sponsors in-person seminars and webinars on important education policy topics, enabling you to better serve your legislature.
  • Publishes Heads Up on Education Issues, a monthly compilation of recommended research and reading on critical public education issues.
  • Conducts several sessions specific to legislative staff at NCSL and ECS meetings.
  • Maintains a listserv to provide instant assistance from colleagues across the country.
  • Maintains a website devoted to keeping you up to date on education policy, including listserv archives, professional development opportunities, publications, online education staff contact list and more.
  • Access to technical support and resources from NCSL and ECS.

All legislative staff who work on education policy. Members include bill drafters, fiscal staff, program evaluators, policy analysts and advisors and includes both partisan and nonpartisan staff. A steering committee governs the network. All members of LESN may participate in all of the network’s activities and vote at the annual business meetings.

There is no formal application process. Simply email Marilyn Villalobos or Emily Ronco, NCSL liaisons to the Legislative Staff Network.

It’s easy. Fresh faces and new ideas are always welcome. There are many ways to participate:

Working Groups

Volunteer to serve on one of the network’s working groups and help increase outreach or plan professional develop opportunities. Travel is not required as most committee and staff section business is handled by teleconference or e-mail. Interested? Contact Marilyn Villalobos or Emily Ronco, NCSL liaisons to the Legislative Education Staff Network, at (303) 856-1548 or Joel Moore, ECS liaison to the Legislative Education Staff Network, at (303) 299-3619.


The LESN is a great opportunity to ask for and share information about education policy in other states. Whether you participate by asking, reading, or answering inquiries, you'll learn about the issues currently of concern to your colleagues.


Attend ECS’ National Forum, NCSL’s Legislative Summit or the network’s fall professional development seminar to meet colleagues, refine your skills, and make connections.

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