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Related Topic: Labor and Employment

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Financial Strategies

Includes legislation creating or funding programs designed to compensate employees for joining or staying in the public sector. Examples include sign-on bonuses, training and education reimbursements, moving costs, tax credits, raises, relocation or location-based pay, FTE minimums and caps, and some retirement benefits.

Health, Wellness & Other Benefits

Includes legislation related to employee accrual or usage of various benefits such as vacation or sick time, mental health care availability, paid family leave, enrollment in childcare programs, and related benefits.


Includes legislation related to labor relations or retaliation, volunteer public positions, and other workplace protections.


Includes legislation designed to attract workers such as sign-on bonuses, training and education reimbursement, moving costs, changes to qualifications or position requirements, and related bills. May also be tagged with other applicable categories.


Includes legislation intended to keep employees such as merit-based pay schedules, retention bonuses, length of service requirements, and some retirement benefits. May also be tagged with other applicable categories.

Position Requirements & Qualifications

Encompasses bills aimed at reducing barriers to enter public employment. This includes degree requirements, civil service exams, second chance laws, accessibility, apprenticeships, hiring processes and timelines, and related bills.

Study Groups

Includes bills establishing workgroups, legislative study committees, or taskforces intended to study public sector employment shortages and trends.

Workplace Flexibility

Includes legislation related to remote work, hybrid work, four-day- or reduced-work weeks, and related proposals.

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