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Accessible Technology

Legislation addressing accessible technology to increase employment and career advancement.

Career Readiness and Vocational Rehabilitation

Legislation addressing workforce development strategies for people with disabilities including youth apprenticeships, vocational Rehabilitation services. 

Competitive Integrated Employment

Legislation addressing wages and benefits for people with disabilities including subminimum wage employment, hiring preference, disability inclusion practices. 

Disability- Related Health Policy

Legislation addressing Mental and substance abuse parity, including rehabilitation, Medicaid, disability medical treatment.

Disability-Related Transportation Policy

Legislation addressing transportation system barriers for people with disabilities including registration plates for people with disabilities, ride services, reserved parking, wheelchair accessible transportation.

Education, Special Education and School-to-Work Transition

Legislation addressing special education and school-to-work transition including education requirements, public school transportation for students with disabilities, dyslexia, vocational rehabilitation services in schools, higher education mental health. 

Financial Literacy and Asset Building

Legislation addressing ABLE savings account. 

Housing, Community-Based and Independent Living

Legislation addressing housing and community-based and independent living housing including adult foster care for disabled, developmental centers, funding, rent control, tenants with disabilities protections and housing discrimination. 

Older Workers

Legislation addressing older adults including employee’s disability retirement, age discrimination in hiring practices and long term care.

Private Sector Employment, Support, and Incentives

Legislation addressing employment practices of the private sector including discrimination and protected classes, wages, sick time, tax breaks. 

Return-to-Work, Retention and Leave

Legislation addressing retention and leave including family leave benefits, accidental disability benefits, workers compensations, temporary disability insurance.

Self- Employment and Entrepreneurship

Legislation addressing businesses owned by people with disabilities. 

State Employment of Individuals and Disabilities

Legislation addressing state employment of individuals with disabilities including subminimum wage employment, employment first policies, equal opportunity employment.

State Implementation of Federal Disability Policy

Legislation addressing the implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

State Procurement and Supplier Diversity Programs

Legislation addressing practices in procurement and disability-owned businesses. 


Legislation addressing wages for people with disabilities including minimum wages and subminimum wage employment, 

Workers Compensation

Legislation addressing workers compensations and disability benefits. 

Workplace Accommodations

Legislation addressing reasonable accommodations for workers with disabilities such as teleworking, discrimination, leave of absence, service animals.

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State Unemployment Rates

Unemployment rates were lower in April in 5 states, higher in 2 states, and stable in 43 states and the District of Columbia, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Thirty states had jobless rate increases from a year earlier, 1 state had a decrease, and 19 states and the District had little change. The national unemployment rate changed little at 3.9 percent but was 0.5 percentage point higher than in April 2023.
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