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Mission Statement

The NCSL Task Force on Energy Supply brings together legislators to examine critical energy issues that policymakers face as they shape energy policies to build a reliable, affordable and resilient national energy system. The task force, created in 2009, consists of legislators and legislative staff with experience and an interest in developing and analyzing state energy policy.

Ensuring a long-term, affordable and stable energy supply has been a top concern of state policymakers.

As state decision-makers create and shape energy policy, they are confronting the challenge of utilizing the growing wealth of North American energy resources and incorporating new energy technologies in a way that energizes the economy while addressing environmental concerns.

The task force also provides NCSL with guidance as it develops energy policy resources for legislators and legislative staff.

NCSL Task Force On Energy Supply
Co-Chair: Senator Eric Koch, Indiana
Co-Chair: Senator David Koehler, Illinois

NCSL Contacts: Kristen Hildreth (D.C.)  Daniel Shea (Denver) 

Members by States

Representative Stephen Meeks
Senator Chris Hansen
Representative Mary M. Mushinsky
Representative Don Parsons
Representative Nicole E. Lowen
Senator Glenn Wakai
Senator David Koehler
Senator Sue Rezin
Senator Eric Koch
Representative Mark Schreiber
Senator Brian J. Feldman
Senator Stephen S. Hershey
Senator Michael J. Barrett
Senator Marc R. Pacheco
Representative Patty Acomb
Representative Pat Garofalo
Senator Pat Spearman
New Jersey
Senator Bob Smith
North Dakota
Representative Vicky Steiner
Representative Dick Stein
Representative Joshua D. Kail
Representative Jim Marshall
Representative Christopher M. Rabb
Representative Craig Williams
Puerto Rico
Armando Mojica
Sylvain Gaudreault
Mathieu Lemay
South Carolina
Heather Anderson
South Dakota
Senator Larry P. Zikmund
Lacey Moore
Senator Christopher Bray

  • Advanced Energy Economy 
  • American Clean Power
  • American Electric Power 
  • American Gas Assosciation
  • American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers 
  • American Public Power Association 
  • Avangrid
  • Dominion Energy 
  • Edison Electric Institute
  • Google
  • Invenergy
  • Johnson Controls
  • National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
  • Nuclear Energy Institute
  • Schneider Electric 
  • Solar Energy Industries Association
  • Williams

Please contact NCSL staff for information about sponsorship levels and benefits. 




  • Energy Supply Task Force Virtual Meeting, Dec. 2 from 2-3:30 p.m. ET, Agenda
  • Fritz Kahrl, 3rdRail Inc. | Presentation
  • Jeff Morris, senior director State Government Relations for North America Operations, Schneider Electric | Presentation
  • Energy Supply Task Force Virtual Meeting, Oct. 7 from 2-3:30 p.m. ET,  Agenda
    • Paul De Martini, managing partner, Newport Consulting | Presentation
  • Energy Supply Task Force Virtual Meeting, Aug. 12 from 2-3:30 p.m. ET,  Agenda
    • Jeremy Twitchell, energy research analyst, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory | Presentation
  • Energy Supply Task Force Virtual Meeting, June 23, Agenda
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