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FY 2024 State Budget Status

This page tracks the status of FY 2024 state budgets as they are passed by state legislatures and signed by governors.

The Economy’s Unexpected Strength Starts With the Labor Market

With unemployment low, inflation high, wages rising and the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, economists expected a recession. That one hasn’t happened might be thanks to pandemic stimulus checks and unemployment benefits, coupled with a lack of spending, which meant consumers and businesses were able to accumulate more in savings than if COVID-19 had never happened.

State Legislatures News

Some Holidays Make Shopping a Little Less Taxing

Policy experts on both ends of the political spectrum tend to agree that sales tax holidays are not the best way to offer impactful tax relief, but consumers like them. This year, 19 states will offer tax holidays on school-related items.

State Legislatures News
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