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More Federal Funds in the Pipeline

The $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) signed into law in November 2021 aims to modernize roads, ports, bridges, transit, broadband, rail, and water infrastructure. The Act provides funding for states and territories, direct grants, and credit programs to finance infrastructure projects. NCSL is closely monitoring the key provisions and resources related to IIJA and its impact on state legislatures.

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FY 2024 State Budget Status

This page tracks the status of FY 2024 state budgets as they are passed by state legislatures and signed by governors.

The Most-Hated Tax—and What States Are Doing About It

Two popular options for state property tax relief, homestead exemptions and circuit breakers, are covered here. However, years of appreciation are reflected in current property assessments, and the pressure on lawmakers to provide property tax relief remains intense.

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