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Right to Repair 2023 Legislation

Right to repair legislation is directed at the ability of consumers to repair their own products instead of going back to the original manufacturer for service. Right to repair legislation includes bills addressing specific products, like wheelchairs, and those targeting broader categories, such as medical, digital or agricultural equipment.

CFI Committee Newsletter | July 2023

Discover the latest updates for state legislators $42.45B in Broadband Allocations to States, Territories and the District of Columbia, NCSL Policy Submission Deadline, States Offer Consumer Protections to Buyers Who Opt for Alternative Home Financing, How Existing Data Privacy Laws May Already Regulate Data-Related Aspects of AI, House Committee Hears About the Future Regulatory Structure of Digital Assets and more. Stay informed and engaged with these crucial topics.

CFI Committee Newsletter | June 2023

Discover the latest updates for state legislators: Supreme Court to decide on public officials blocking critics on social media, NCSL Policy Week offers insights on policy processes, Pew survey highlights challenges in alternative home financing, state budget conditions and revenue trends addressed at NCSL Legislative Summit, FDIC presents options for deposit insurance reform, FCC adopts rules against scam texting, and IBHS releases hurricane preparedness resources. Stay informed and engaged with these crucial topics.