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Innovations in Court Efficiencies: Through the Lens of Consumer Debt Collection

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Latest reports show that total household debt in the United States reached $15.58 trillion, increasing by $333 billion (2.2 percent) in the fourth quarter of 2021, while credit card balances increased by $52 billion. Millions of Americans are sued each year for the collection of these consumer debts and encounter a complicated, backlogged civil legal system. State policymakers are beginning to examine their debt collection policies and trends and assess how these fit into a broader discussion of modernizing civil courts. Join public policy and industry experts to learn more about debt collection lawsuits and what state legislators can do to improve the courts' efficiency and ensure equitable outcomes for all parties involved. This webinar is open to legislators and legislative staff only.


  • Michael Hartman, policy associate, NCSL


  • David Reid, general counsel, Receivables Mgmt. Assoc. Intl.
  • Delegate Alfred C. Carr Jr., member of the Maryland House of Delegates, District 18
  • Erika Rickard, project director, Civil Legal System Modernization, The Pew Charitable Trusts
  • Heather Morton, senior fellow, National Conference of State Legislatures
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