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Apr 13
  • Webinar

How US Elections Are Run: Spring 2023 Webinar Series | Voter Registration and Maintaining Voter Registration Lists

  • Thursday, April 13, 2023
    3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
    • Webinar
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Managing voter registration lists is often one of the hardest parts of running an election. As voters move, die, age into the system, or experience other changes in eligibility, such as citizenship status or incarceration, keeping those lists up to date requires careful attention and accurate data sources. Tune in for the second installment of NCSL’s four-part webinar series, How U.S. Elections Are Run, to learn more about how states keep these lists accurate, and why regular list maintenance processes, along with providing opportunities for voters to update and maintain their registration in accordance with federal and state laws, are important with EAC Commissioner Benjamin Hovland. 

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