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NCSL Task Force on Military and Veterans Affairs | Online Meeting | August 2020

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The NCSL Task Force on Military and Veterans Affairs held a one-hour virtual roundtable meeting on Monday, Aug. 3, 2020.

  • Opening: Welcome and Introduction of Co-Chairs Plus Housekeeping 
    • Jim Reed, NCSL staff
  • Remarks from NCSL Military Task Force (MTF) Co-Chairs
    • Representative Tina Orwall (D-Wash.) and Representative Dean Dohrman (R-Mo.), MTF co-chairs
  • Pledge of Allegiance: Jim Reed and MTF co-chairs lead the group.
  • Roll Call of Roundtable Participants: Jim Reed
  • NCSL Report 
    • 2019 and 2020 military and veterans’ affairs activities/resources: Jim Reed | Presentation
    • Federal update: Jon Jukuri, NCSL staff (Washington, D.C.)
    • Short demo on state military/veteran legislation database: Jennifer Schultz, NCSL staff (Denver)
  • Task Force Member State Roundtable Updates: Representative Dean Dohrman (moderator)
    • Task Force members provided a two-minute report on their state’s top enactments related to military and veteran’s issues during the 2020 legislative session.
  • Discussion of Ideas for Future Military and Veterans Affairs Webinars and Educational Programs 
    • Representative Tina Orwall (moderator)
  • Wrapup and Final Remarks Jim Reed 
    • Representatives Tina Orwall Dean Dohrman
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