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COVID-19: Contact Tracing, the CDC and the States

Today’s podcast focuses on contact tracing, a longtime tool used by public health officials. Our guest is Dr. Kyle Bernstein, chief of the Epidemiology and Statistics Branch in the Division of STD Prevention at the CDC and an expert in contact tracing.


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Adverse Childhood Experiences

This webpage presents research and resources, as well as state actions aimed at preventing and reducing the occurrence and negative consequences of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).


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Securing the Nation’s Energy Future

This biennial report tracks legislation and policy trends around several key themes, including disaster preparedness, system resilience and infrastructure protection. The past two years has seen significant growth in legislative action.


2020 State Legislative Session Calendar

This map provides information on legislative sessions in each state, district and territory. You can also find information on regular session dates, and, if necessary, special session dates.


21 states have 1-5 disasters, 20 states have 6-10 disasters and 8 states have 11 or more disasters AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DC* DE FL GA HI IL* IN IA KS KY LA ME MA* MD MI* MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ* NM NY* NC ND OH* OK OR PA* RI SC SD TN TX UT VA WA WV WI* WY VT ID PR AS GU* MP VI*

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Adjourned Sine Die

Adjourned, Suspended or Postponed Related to COVID-19

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Using pharmacists to provide care in rural America

Maximizing the use of pharmacists as part of the health care delivery system is among several state strategies to meet the unique health care needs of rural and underserved communities.