Gift Restrictions




Can a legislator accept payments for a speaking engagement, writing an article or serving on a panel? It depends on where you serve—states are equally divided on this issue.

About half of states prohibit legislators from receiving honoraria if given for a matter related to a legislator’s official duties, subject to a few exceptions. The other roughly-half of states permit the receipt of honoraria. Most states in the latter group require disclosure, but some do not address honorarium by statute. In the absence of statutory direction, chamber rules or more general laws may govern, such as those that prohibit conflicts of interest or require income disclosure. States that allow honorarium typically stipulate that any payment received must not influence a legislator's official duties.


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Gift Restrictions


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Gifts of Hospitality

When it comes to limiting lobbyist gifts to legislators, even the most seemingly clear-cut provision can come with extenuating circumstances that allow for certain kinds of gift giving and receiving. Read about exemptions, which frequently relate to hospitality, in this Legisbrief.


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Laws and rules that require the disclosure of gifts and honoraria received and gifts given are an attempt to shine a light on potential conflicts of interest and lobbyists' and others' relationships with legislators.