Then and Now: May 2011

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Minnesota capitol dome

This Month's Statehouse Photo

The detail photo in the May 2011 issue of State Legislatures is of the Minnesota Capitol in St. Paul.

The Minnesota State Capitol celebrated its centennial in 2005. The building is the third to serve as the seatof the state's government. Cass Gilbert, a St. Paul architect, designed the building. At the base of the dome is the gold sculpture officially known as the Progress of the State , but usually referred to as the "Quadriga." The four-horse chariot and figures were Designed by Daniel Chester French and Edward C. Potter. Below are six marble figures representing the virtues. There are 12 stone eagles perched around the dome. 




25 Years Ago

Articles Articles from the May 1986 issue of State Legislatures:

HOW TO MANAGE CONFLICT: TURNING CONTROVERSY INTO CONSENSUS: "The difficult encounters lawmakers face can be made considerably less stressful by applying the principles of conflict management.”
TOO MANY PRISONERS: "A costly consequence of cracking down on crime is an overburdened prison system."
STATE PERSONNEL COSTS UNDER SCRUTINY: “Several states are controlling personnel costs, the largest component in state operating budgets.”

Did You Know?

Arkansas flag

In 1881, the Arkansas General Assembly passed a resolution clarifying how to spell and pronounce the 25th state—spelled Arkansas, pronounced Arkansaw. It comes from Akansa, an alternate name for the native Quapaw nation.

—From “A Celebration of State Capitols,” by Richard R. Gibson