Then and Now: April 2011

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Kentucky Capitol

This Month's Statehouse Photo

The detail photo in the April 2011 issue of State Legislatures shows the dome of the Kentucky Capitol in Frankfort, Ky.The Capitol is the forth building to serve as the seat of government in Kentucky. The first two buildings burned.

The third, the Old State Capitol, served as the home of the Commonwealth of Kentucky from 1830 to 1910, when the current Capitol opened. It was the older building to which Governor-elect William Goebel was headed in 1899 when he was assassinated.

The current Capitol was designed by Frank Mills Andrews in the Beaux-Arts style and includes staircases that are replicas of those in Paris' Opéra Garnier. The main building has three floors, and a rotunda with statues of famous Kentuckians. The House and Senate chambers face each other on opposite ends of the third floor. The Capitol also has a partial fourth floor which houses the galleries of the House and Senate.

25 Years Ago

Articles from the April 1986 issue of State Legislatures:

  • THE LURE OF THE LOTTERY: “By the end of 1985, nearly half the states, attracted by the chance to make ‘easy money,’ had started lotteries.”
  • THE FEDERAL BUDGET: WHAT’S (NOT) IN IT FOR STATES?: “State legislators are keeping a watchful eye on the great budget battle of 1986 in Washington, D.C.”
  • STATES AREN’T READY FOR PRIVATELY OWNED PRISONS—YET: “Legislation has been stymied in a number of states by debates over civil rights for prisoners, labor questions and government liability.”

Did You Know?

Nevada flag

The first legislative session in the territory of Nevada began on Oct. 1, 1861, and lasted 60 days. Among other actions taken was the passage of “An Act to Prohibit Gambling,” which established games of chance as felonies with a penalty of two years’ imprisonment and a fine of up to $500.

—From the Nevada State Library and Archives