Table of Contents | State Legislatures Magazine | September-October 2019


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Learning From the Best
States look to international examples to build
world-class education systems.

Moving Mountains
States that have accomplished the daunting task of updating their K-12 school formulas offer lessons to others.

Leaders, Please Report to the Principal's Office
The role of principal has changed from
authoritarian administrator to supportive leader.

Tax Break Tug-of-War
States continue to lure big employers with tax incentives, despite mixed evidence on their success.

Staying in the Game
With record low unemployment, lawmakers
want to help injured and ill workers get back
on the job quickly.


New Officers
Meet NCSL President Robin Vos and Staff Chair Martha Wigton.

Inside NCSL
A message from Tim Storey, NCSL's new executive director. 

Surprise billing, energy-efficient schools, election preview, clean versus renewable energy.

Highlights From Summit
Plus Legislative Staff Award winners.

On Record
Dolly Parton discusses books, her dad and her boundless energy in this Q&A from the Legislative Summit

The brighter side of legislative news.

Having another job back home may be essential to a lawmaker’s ability to serve.

Good news! The infant mortality rate is dropping.

What’s happening under the domes.

Ethics: Yes, No, Maybe So
What does separation of powers matter to ethics?

The Final Word
New Mexico House Speaker Brian Egolf.