Table of Contents | State Legislatures Magazine | May-June 2019


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Unlocking Access
Free tuition programs are opening doors for some students—but are they making the grade?
By Bennett G. Boggs and Lesley Kennedy

Diagnosis Alzheimer's
States are taking bipartisan action to combat the nation’s costliest disease.
By Samantha Scotti

Jackpot in Jeopardy
Federal opinion threatens states’ rights over online gambling.
By Jackson Brainerd

Death Penalty on Trial
Executions are down, but state attention to capital punishment is up.
By Amber Widgery


Legislative Staff Week Special Section

Welcome | By Jon Heining

My Life Before the Legislature | By Jane Carroll Andrade

Toolbox: A Primer on PeacemakingBy Megan McClure

Why I Love the Legislature: Steven Hernandez | By Adrienne Fischer

Why I Love the Legislature: Lori Mathis | By Kae Warnock

Census complete count committees; Medicaid work requirements; measles vaccinations; missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls; and states prepare for action on Roe v. Wade.

A smart, sometimes funny, take on legislative news from across the country: human composting; collaring service animal scammers; growing bans on single-use plastic containers; work licensing reforms.

Banking on Marijuan: As states eye the millions they could gain in tax revenue from marijuana sales, Congress is debating the SAFE Banking Act, which would shield banks from punishment for working with cannabis businesses.

Who’s making news under the domes: The latest updates from NCSL on leadership changes in state legislatures across the nation and in the territories, with quotes from lawmakers.

Ethics: Yes, No, Maybe So
This month’s ethics question: What does ‘due process’ really mean?

The Final Word
A Q&A with Donna M. Soucy, president of the New Hampshire Senate