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A Remarkable Man
William T. Pound is stepping down as executive director of NCSL, leaving legislatures stronger
than he found them.
By Carl Tubbesing

The NCSL Story
NCSL has become the highly respected organization it is today under William T. Pound’s leadership.
By Julie Lays

Tim Storey Is NCSL's New Executive Director
Thirty years after arriving at NCSL as an intern, Storey is taking the reins as executive director from William Pound.
By Lesley Kennedy

Why Lawmakers Flee
Oregon’s recent walkout reflects a growing trend.
By Matt Vasilogambros

Here Comes Generation Z
Four fledgling state legislators, the youngest in the nation, talk about what they hope to accomplish.
By Suzanne Weiss

Driven to Distraction
Lawmakers are battling distracted driving with public awareness campaigns and bans on handheld devices.
By Ann Kitch

Pension Plans That Perform
Disciplined funding practices have helped some states withstand market volatility.
By Anna Petrini

High-Tech Health Trends
Telehealth may be one answer to the shrinking number ofmedical facilities and health care providers in rural areas.
By Syndne Enlund


Food deliveries via SNAP, red flag laws, rent control, Indiana's POWER Caucus, democracy's 400th birthday

Legislative oversight in Oklahoma

The brighter side of legislative news

On the Same Page
A new seating plan in the Maine House brings Democrats and Republicans shoulder to shoulder

5 ways to bring civility and fairness to redistricting

Some states expand Medicaid as other hold off

What's happening under the domes

Ethics: Yes, No, Maybe So
Is there an ethical duty to be civil to our rivals?

The Final Word
Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder