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Top 10 Issues to Watch in 2019
These challenges are sure to keep lawmakers busy as legislatures reconvene this year.
By Julie Lays

Maternity Care in Crisis
American women are dying from childbirth at a higher rate than in any other developed country.
By Tahra Johnson

The Long View of State Budgeting
Accrual accounting is a big-picture way of ensuring state governments are living within their means.
By Julie Lays

Get Ready to Enumerate
The decennial census, the government’s single largest civilian undertaking, wants to find everyone this time. 
By Patrick Potyondy 

Toxins on Tap
Lawmakers are acting against potentially dangerous fluorochemicals, found in food packaging and drinking water supplies nationwide.
By Doug Farquhar


Notes from the NCSL Executive Director and the Editor

Trends in State Policy News
Apprenticeships, parole policies, e-scooters, campus diversity and more

Stateline: Legislative News in Brief

5 tips for every new lawmaker

The earned-income tax credit: giving credit for hard work

Who’s making news under the domes

Ethics: Yes, No, Maybe So
This month’s ethics question: Is it better to be ethical or to appear ethical?

The Final Word
Meet New Jersey Assembly Speaker Craig J. Coughlin