StateStats: States Provide the Lion's Share: September 2011 


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Public schools receive funding from federal, state and local sources, with state governments providing the largest share—46.7 percent nationwide in fiscal year 2009, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The state share, however, varies greatly among states. The state government, for example, provides 89 percent of all Vermont’s public school funding, 51 percent of Oregon’s school funding and 30 percent of Illinois’.

Most states have had to cut back on funding or funding increases to K-12 schools in the past few years. Across the nation, state lawmakers have made difficult decisions to eliminate funding for professional development programs for educators, adult literacy classes and after-school programs. They have had to cut kindergarten to half days, lower the total number of school days and eliminate some bus service. They’ve also trimmed social workers and nurses and assistance for gifted and special-needs students. Class-size limits have been raised, and office workers have been laid off.