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Grover Cleveland signed legislation in 1894 making Labor Day an official national holiday. The idea came from the states; half of them were already observing “workingmen’s holidays” to celebrate the social and economic achievements of American workers. Always the first Monday in September, this year we’ll celebrate on Sept. 4. Here’s a snapshot of today's workforce and what they face.

U.S. map showing average weekly wages by state

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Ranking states by their seasonally adjusted unemployment rates in June 2017 places Colorado and North Dakota on top with a low rate of 2.3 percent each. Alaska currently has the highest rate, at 6.8 percent.


Colorado 2.3%

North Dakota 2.3%

Hawaii 2.7%

Nebraska 2.9%

New Hampshire 2.9%


Arizona 5.1%

Kentucky 5.1%

Louisiana 5.5%

D.C. 6.2%

New Mexico 6.4%

Alaska 6.8%

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, June 2017 data

Chart showing jobs that will increase in U.S.

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