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Staff Snapshots | Tricia Hines

Sept. 29, 2022 | State Legislatures News | Print

Tricia Hines

Hometown: I grew up in Joshua, Texas, and I’ve lived in or around Oklahoma City since 2006.

Role: Geographic Information Systems Coordinator, Oklahoma House of Representatives

Years of legislative service: 13, nonconsecutively

One thing she loves about her state: “I love the variety of things to do! I love taking staycations and exploring new parts of the state.”


Why did you choose to work at the Legislature?

I had just finished graduate school in August 2006 and I was looking for a job. I saw an ad in the newspaper and was intrigued. How neat to work at the Capitol! I crammed for the interview, trying to refresh my memory on state government and avoid asking silly questions. I wasn’t able to altogether avoid the silly questions, but I did get offered the job! In fact, the hiring manager learned about my GIS skills during the interview and I ended up filling two vacancies.

What skill or talent are you most proud of?

I can do a great cartwheel! I’m also very proud to have made it through the latest redistricting cycle, which called upon my diplomatic, organizational and time-management skills.

What’s the best advice you were ever given?

“Don’t sacrifice the future for the now,” from my dad.

Who or what inspires you?

I’m a big fan of author Katy Bowman. She changed the trajectory of my life! She’s all about “nutritious movement,” or seeing movement in terms of a variety of inputs versus bouts of exercise that make up a small percentage of life. She’s written several inspiring books about how to move more and the global impact of sedentary culture, as well as her latest book, “Grow Wild,” which gives lots of examples for getting families moving, especially outdoors.

What are you currently reading/listening to/watching?

Bicycle touring is on my bucket list, so I’m reading “On Our Own: A Bicycling Adventure in South East Asia.”

Some of my favorite podcasts are “The Daily,” “Move Your DNA With Katy Bowman,” and “This Week in Oklahoma Politics.”

My 7-year-old daughter and I just read “Titan and the Wild Boars: The True Cave Rescue of the Thai Soccer Team” and followed it up by watching “The Rescue.” The book and film both provided a memorable opportunity to learn about a variety of subjects: caves, diving, service, geography and Buddhism.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

For its “Staff Snapshots” series, State Legislatures News is asking legislative staff about their role in the legislature. If you’d like to suggest a staffer for this series, please email Holly South at NCSL.

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