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Staff Snapshots | Drew Murray

May 26, 2022 | State Legislatures News | Print

Drew Murray

Hometown: Baton Rouge, La.

Role: Senior Legislative Analyst, House Legislative Services, Louisiana Legislature (member of the nonpartisan bill drafting and committee staff contingent)

NCSL involvement: Murray is the staff co-chair of the Health and Human Services Standing Committee and self-described No. 1 fan of the NCSL Health Program. “I may share that last title with other people I know through NCSL,” he says.

Years of legislative service: 12-plus

The best advice he’s ever received: “Change your attitude, but remain natural.”

Why did you choose to work at the legislature?

From my outsider’s perspective prior to becoming a staff member, this always seemed like a completely unique and very exciting work environment—and that’s proven to be the case!

What skill or talent are you most proud of?

Writing cogently under fairly intense pressure.

Who or what inspires you?

Baseball great Roberto Clemente; former professional football player Steve Gleason; resilience; all kinds of music; the sunrise.

What’s one thing you love about your state?

Its unrivaled, deeply rooted and phenomenal cultural richness—and the great food and music that goes along with that.

What are you currently reading/listening to/watching?

The novel “Afterlives,” by Abdulrazak Gurnah.

What are some of the priorities of your NCSL Standing Committee?

Health care workforce issues and addressing the behavioral health needs and other public health concerns arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

For its “Staff Snapshots” series, State Legislatures News is asking legislative staff about their role in the legislature. If you’d like to suggest a staffer for this series, please email Holly South at NCSL.

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