Staff Awards | 2017 Legislative Staff Annual Achievement Awards



The following legislative staff were recognized by their professional staff associations for excellence in service to legislatures. Congratulations to all!

American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS)

  • Maryann Horch, senior systems analyst, Senate of Virginia
  • Steven T. James, clerk, Massachusetts House of Representatives

Leadership Staff Section (LSS)

  • Tom Krause, chief of staff, Georgia Senate Majority Leader Bill Cowsert

Legislative Education Staff Network (LESN)

  • Todd Butterworth, senior research analyst, Nevada Legislative Council Bureau

Legislative Information and Communications Staff Section (LINCS)

  • K’Lynn Sloan Harris, audio/video coordinator, Montana Legislative Services Division

Legislative Research Librarians Staff Section (LRL)

  • Jennifer Bernier, co-head librarian, Legislative Library of the Connecticut General Assembly
  • Elizabeth Lincoln, director, Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

National Association of Legislative Fiscal Offices (NALFO)

  • Christopher Woods, budget director, Office of the Speaker, California Assembly

National Association of Legislative Information Technology (NALIT)

  • Jonathan Palmore, senior assistant clerk-technology, Senate of Virginia
  • Hobie Lehman, assistant clerk of committee operations and sergeant-at-arms, Senate of Virginia
  • The South Carolina Legislative Services Agency Committee Technology Team
    • Scott Gage, manager of telecommunications and asset management
    • Bruce Ellsworth, senior multimedia and audiovisual engineer
    • Kevin Coats, IT asset management analyst
    • Anthony Amaker, applications manager
    • Michael Stroupe, application development team lead

National Legislative Program Evaluation Society (NLPES)

  • California State Auditor’s Office

NCSL Standing Committees

  • Stephanie Barrett, associate fiscal officer, Vermont Legislative Joint Fiscal Office
  • Ken Levine, director, Texas Sunset Commission

National Legislative Security and Services Association (NLSSA)

  • Steve Pike, chief, Commonwealth of Virginia, Division of Capitol Police
  • Lenore Adams, facilities coordinator, Montana Legislative Services Division

Research, Editorial, Legal and Committee Staff (RELACS)

  • Lori Christiansen, director of the division of research, Delaware General Assembly
  • Andrew Hedges, senior staff attorney, Indiana Legislative Services Agency.

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