States Support Early Learning Spending

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Early Learning SpendingTotal appropriations for child care, preschool, home visiting and other early learning initiatives increased from FY 2008 to FY 2009 by $651 million, according to a recent NCSL report. Legislatures allocated $12.4 billion for these educational programs, even though two-thirds of the states tackled budget shortfalls and declines in revenues in FY 2009.

In FY 2009, 22 states reported funding child care, preschool or “prekindergarten,” home visiting and other early learning strategies. Illinois, Minnesota and Pennsylvania reported an increase in all four of these areas. And Connecticut, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Carolina and hio reported funding increases in three of the four. This is a continuing trend from the previous year. Given the current tough economic environment, however, there is uncertainty about whether the trend to support a comprehensive approach to early childhood will continue in FY 2010. Increases in State Funding

NCSL’s report, Early Care and Education State Budget Actions FY 2009, is based on a comprehensive survey of legislatures on FY 2009 budget appropriations to child care, prekindergarten or preschool, home visiting and other early learning strategies identified by the state. To obtain a copy, please contact Julie Poppe.