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State Legislatures Magazine | MAY 2017


“Early retirement incentives rarely live up to their promises, in terms of how much they will save.”

—Luke Martel on proposals to offer public employees early retirement as a cost-savings measure, in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


“Typically, this issue comes up in about 10 states each year. This year, that number has doubled.”

—Amanda Essex on requiring seat belts in school buses following federal recommendations to do so and a fatal bus crash, in Stateline.


“The role of state and local law enforcement in federal immigration policy has returned to the forefront of public debate.”

—Ann Morse on the conflict over sanctuary cities, in The Daily Signal.


“Higher education is called the balance wheel of state budgets.”

—Dustin Weeden on the discretionary nature of higher education funding, on NPR.


“I think you can expect to see more law enforcement protective measures introduced… we’re also seeing more protection for the homeless.”

—Sarah Brown on state efforts to extend hate-crime protections, on



Wisconsin Winners

NCSL presented the Kevin B. Harrington Award for Excellence in Democracy Education to the Wisconsin Legislature in a ceremony at the state Capitol. The Harrington Award is given annually to an individual or organization for advancing public understanding of state and local representative democracy. Wisconsin won for its user-friendly website and variety of publications, video productions and electronic communication channels that assist the public in understanding the Legislature and the legislative process. Pictured in the front row, from left, are Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, NCSL’s Angela Andrews and Senate President Roger Roth. In the back row, from left, are Fiscal Bureau Director Bob Lang, Legislative Reference Bureau Chief and General Counsel Rick Champagne, State Auditor Joe Chrisman, Senate Chief Clerk Jeffrey Renk, Legislative Technology Services Bureau Director Jeff Ylvisaker and Legislative Council Director Terry Anderson.

Half a Century of Service

Peggy PietyHappy 50th anniversary to the Indiana Legislative Services Agency! Celebrating the occasion is Senior Staff Attorney and former NCSL Staff Chair Peggy Piety, posing with the introduced bills drafted by the Office of Bill Drafting and Research for the 2017 session. Piety estimates the agency has drafted an average of 7,289 bills, amendments, motions and committee reports in each of the last six years. Celebrating an anniversary in your legislature? Email and let us know.


Strategizing for States

Missouri Capitol meetingThe Missouri Capitol was the setting for a meeting with, from left, Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, NCSL’s Brooke Oleen Tieperman, Missouri House Speaker Todd Richardson, NCSL’s Max Behlke and Wisconsin House Speaker Robin Vos. Rosenberger’s Facebook post summed up a successful state visit: “Appreciated the hospitality in the Great State of Missouri! We discussed important issues such as federalism and balanced budget amendments. We can learn a lot from each other and find solutions to common problems that will make our respective states and our entire country stronger!”


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