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News sign250+: Number of times media outlets in April cited NCSL research or quoted NCSL staff—a trusted source for accurate, unbiased information.

Elections Analyst Tim Storey in the Wall Street Journal: “Republicans are at something of a high-water mark. There are still a number of states where Republicans could flip chambers and come out even stronger than they came in.”

Education Analyst Michelle Exstrom in the New York Times:  “Test prep is a big area of concern.” Five states limit the time public schools can prepare students for statewide tests.

Elections Analyst Wendy Underhill on National Public Radio on 16 states with photo voter ID laws:  “One of those is Arkansas … we don’t know whether that will be in place” for the November election because of a lawsuit, one of several voter ID lawsuits around the nation. 

Social Media

1,783: Women serving in state legislatures. The statistic, tracked by NCSL’s Katie Ziegler of the Women’s Legislative Network, was a top NCSL tweet in the first half of the year.


Webinar logo$0: How much it costs legislative staffers to participate on June 6 in the NCSL webinar, “Confessions of a Legislative Staffer: Moving From State Legislatures to Congress.” Register now

Meetings and Training

100+: Sessions at the nation’s largest legislative gathering, the NCSL Legislative Summit Aug. 19-22 in Minneapolis, Minn. Topics will range from state budgets to Common Core to human trafficking laws. Register now 

State Liaisons

38: States that NCSL liaisons have visited this year, including New Jersey, where Nevada Senator and NCSL President-Elect Debbie Smith and Vincent Prieto, speaker of the New Jersey Assembly, were photographed recently by NCSL’s Ann Morse. Morse, a Garden State native, and Larry Morandi, who has family ties there, spent a few days at the Statehouse as part of their annual state liaison visit. Each state has one or two liaisons to help guide members to all the services NCSL offers. Go here to see the interactive map of state liaisons.

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