NCSL Government Mailing Lists: Public Policy Book/Magazine Buyers

Book/Magazine Buyers



Purchasers of books, periodicals, reports and videos published by the National Conference of State Legislatures. Includes buyers from corporations, trade associations, special interest groups, academia, libraries and the news media. List is updated weekly from correspondence, individual contact and telephone checks.

Paid Public Policy Book Buyers: 700+

State Legislatures Magazine Paid Subscribers: 800+


State/zip, type of publication purchased and random sample at no extra charge.


ONE-TIME USE ONLY. All lists furnished on a rental basis and may not be copied, reused or used by anyone other than the original renter. Written order and sample mail piece required. NCSL reserves the right to refuse to provide lists which would be used to mail materials that, in the judgment of NCSL, are unsuitable.

Contact NCSL

Email order form and sample mail piece to

National Conference of State Legislatures
7700 East First Place
Denver, Colorado 80230
(303) 364-7700
fax (303) 364-7800