exterior view of the arkansas capitol building

The Arkansas General Assembly ended its three-month session this week but will be back for redistricting work in the fall.

Legislative Headlines, Week of May 3, 2021

By Gene Rose | May 7, 2021 | State Legislatures News | Print

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Hawaii selects a new majority leader while Tennessee adjourns its session and two states honor former members.

Authority of Legislatures

A new bill limiting the governor’s emergency powers was approved by the Idaho House and Senate. A Pennsylvania House panel has pushed forward an effort to ban governors from the process of approving constitutional amendments before being sent to the public.

Legislative Operations

The Tennessee General Assembly adjourned for the year. The Iowa General Assembly is headed into overtime. The Arkansas General Assembly ended its three-month session but will be back for redistricting work in the fall.


Legislators and Staff in the News

Hawaii Senator Dru Kanuha (D) was selected Senate majority leader, replacing former Senator Leader J. Kalani English (D). Texas Senator Brandon Creighton (R) collapsed on the chamber floor this week a few days after being in a car accident. He was aided by Senator Donna Campbell (R), an emergency room doctor. The Michigan Legislature approved a resolution memorializing Senator Tom Casperson (R), who died in November from cancer. The body of Thelma Harper (D), the longest-serving female senator and first African American member of the Tennessee Senate, lay in state at the Historic Metro Courthouse in Nashville before being moved to the Capitol. Harper died in late April at age 80.


Other News

An Indiana college newspaper wondered what legislators did when they were not in session.

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