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NCSL supports staff as they seek to develop themselves personally and professionally, no matter what direction their legislative career paths take.

Legislative Staff Can Excel With NCSL

By Angela Andrews | Dec. 9, 2021 | State Legislatures News | Print

For nearly 50 years, NCSL has provided a forum for legislative staff to gain professional development and the opportunity to network with, and learn from, their peers across the states. NCSL believes that supporting and developing legislative staff can help strengthen state legislatures and ensure that they are effective and independent institutions.

NCSL also recognizes that legislative staff serve in a unique profession. In fact, out of the approximately 161 million people in the U.S. workforce, a little more than 30,000 work in state legislatures—just .019%. Talk about unique! In addition to the special nature of the staff role, the legislative workplace can be a demanding environment—long hours and late nights, increasing polarization and partisanship in legislatures and limits on pay and career advancement.

Of the approximately 161 million people in the U.S. workforce, a little more than 30,000 work in state legislatures—just .019%.

Yet with all these challenges, many legislative staff continue to find purpose and value in working in America’s state legislatures. And NCSL continues to support staff as they seek to develop themselves and advance their legislative careers, whether that’s becoming a respected subject matter expert, refining and perfecting skills in a specific staff role or advancing in a leadership position. Whatever lane, legislative staff can excel with NCSL.

To that end, NCSL is offering many professional development opportunities for legislative staff in 2022. Below is a summary of what staff can expect for the new year:

  • Each of NCSL’s nine professional staff associations will hold annual professional development seminars in fall 2022, and six of the groups will meet together for the Staff Hub ATL 2022 in mid-October.
  • The Legislative Staff Management Institute, the premier leadership and management development program, will be Aug. 19-26 in Sacramento, Calif. This eight-day residency program is for new and emerging staff leaders.
  • For the third year running, NCSL will offer the Legislative Staff Certificate Program. This online program, to be held in fall 2022, is for new legislative staff who are seeking a broader context about state legislatures. Five courses will cover the following topics: the legislative institution; model code of conduct; legislative fiscal procedures; clear and concise communications; and leadership within the legislative ecosystem.
  • The Legislative Summit, NCSL’s premier annual educational and networking event, will be held in Denver, Aug. 1-3. The Summit provides a platform for legislators, staff and other public policy professionals to learn from the nation’s foremost experts and each other about solutions to the country’s most pressing issues.
  • NCSL’s Legislative Training Institute offers in-state and online training opportunities to staff offices and organizations.
  • Legislative Video Resource Center, one of NCSL’s newest offerings, is a collection of recorded webinars for on-demand learning. The library contains both policy and professional development webinars.


Angela Andrews direct NCSL’s Legislative Staff Services Program.

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