Legislative Staff Awards 2018



The Following Legislative Staff Were Recognized for Excellence in Service to Legislatures. Congratulations to All!

American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS)
  • Yolanda Dixon, first assistant secretary, Louisiana Senate
  • Susan Furlong, chief clerk, Nevada Assembly
Leadership Staff (LSS)
  • Sheron Violini, deputy secretary for operations, California Senate
Legislative Education Staff Network (LESN)
  • Patricia Walker, staff, Senator Lyman Hoffman, Alaska
Legislative Information and Communications Staff (LINCS)
  • Jeff Fossett, video communications specialist, Kentucky Legislative Research Commission
Juan Carlos Ortega Cruz, librarian at the Legislative Library of Puerto Rico, died late last year. A former journalist and federal employee, he embodied the spirit of librarianship and hometown pride. His contributions to LRL and NCSL were recognized in this year’s awards. PHOTO: COURTESY
Legislative Research Librarians (LRL)
  • Juan Carlos Ortega Cruz, librarian, Legislative Library of Puerto Rico (posthumous)
  • Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library
National Association of Legislative Fiscal Offices (NALFO)
  • Joel Michael and Steve Hinze, Minnesota House Research Department
  • Stephanie Morrison and Sam Schaefer, Montana Legislative Fiscal Division
National Association of Legislative Information Technology (NALIT)
  • Legal Services 2.0 Project Team, California Office of Legislative Counsel
  • Virginia Division of Legislative Automated Systems
National Legislative Program Evaluation Society (NLPES)
  • Gary VanLandingham, Florida
  • Colorado Office of the State Auditor
National Legislative Security and Services Association (NLSSA)
  • Lisa Macaulay, associate sergeant at arms, Wisconsin Senate
  • Rick DeLeon, sergeant at arms, Texas Senate
NCSL Standing Committees
  • Rachel S. Gudgel, director, Legislative Education Study Committee, New Mexico
  • Julie Pelegrin, deputy director, Legislative Legal Services, Colorado
Research, Editorial, Legal and Committee Staff (RELACS)
  • Sharon L. Eubanks, director, Legislative Legal Services, Colorado
  • Lilli Hausenfluck, chief editor, Division of Legislative Services, Virginia


LINCS, NALIT Salute Massachusetts General Court

NCSL’s 2018 Online Democracy Award Winner: Congratulations to the Massachusetts General Court. Its website was honored for staying current with an impressive design and a welcoming look and feel. The site’s graphically pleasing budget tracking feature makes the budget process transparent and easy to understand. The selection committee also praised how the site highlights the most popular laws and bills and generates a list of similar bills. Other noteworthy attributes include the website’s accessibility to those with disabilities and the “My Legislature” feature, which encourages citizens to explore the site and follow specific bills, hearings and legislators.

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