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Men playing cards in Little Havana.

Board game action at a seniors event in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood. 

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Health | Living to 100
Building a world where people thrive 
as they age requires a whole new 
way to thinking.

Redistricting | 10 Things You Need
to Know Before Drawing Next
Year’s Maps

When the census data is released in 
March 2021, it’s go-time for redistricters.
Are you ready?

Elections | Debating the Electoral

For some, it’s an essential legacy
of the founders’ vision. For others,
it’s a relic enabling a tyranny of
the minority.

Early Childhood | Do Preschool 
Expulsions Need a Timeout?

Lawmakers voice concern about the 
long-term effects of removing kids
from classrooms.


From the Editor

From the Director

A former lawmaker at the Oscars, plus the latest leadership changes from across the nation and the territories

NCSL on the Hill
Recent D.C. Fly-Ins, federal highway funding, National Guard support and more from the capital

Coronavirus, electric scooter laws, teens and vaping, minimum wage gains, affordable housing, rape kit backlogs and corporate tax incentives

How Indiana’s technology services office recruits and retains top IT staffers

The brighter side of legislative news

An update on school safety laws

The Final Word
Meet Florida Senate President Bill Galvano