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‘State Policy 101’: Educational Sessions Hit Key Issue High Notes

Sept. 20, 2021 | State Legislatures News | Print

NCSL’s “State Policy 101” series, held earlier this year, boasted more than 25 educational sessions for legislators and legislative staff on key, cross-cutting policy issues. Conducted by the organization’s experts and aimed at those who are new to the legislature or looking to build up knowledge in a specific area, the sessions were designed to prepare members for future success and are now available to view online.

Some of the topics you might want to dig in on:

The Legislature’s Role in Public Health During and After COVID-19

State governments play a number of roles in public health policy, from promoting healthy behaviors to preventing and responding to infectious disease outbreaks. This session spotlights policy levers to support effective health systems, including telehealth, coordinating COVID-19 response efforts such as vaccine distribution, and addressing public health challenges during a pandemic. State and national experts provide an overview of public health strategies, challenges and successes on the most pressing public health topics.

Redistricting Nuts, Bolts and Policymaking

NCSL’s Elections and Redistricting Program briefs you on what procedural options can still be undertaken before the map-making begins, what’s up with the census data quality and timeline, and more.

State Budget and Tax Overview

State budgets are central to the administration of state government. They allocate resources and prioritize state policies. However, budgeting is very complex, and practices vary across the country, as does the role of taxes. NCSL’s Fiscal Program offers a high-level overview of state budget and revenue systems.

Getting Ahead of Cybercriminals

Nation-state actors, organized crime and other kinds of cybercriminals are behind recent hacks, breaches and ransomware demands. Hear about cybercriminals and their motivations, build a better understanding of the risks everyone faces and learn how to confront them.

State Education Finance: The Basics

State constitutions—along with a long line of federal case law—require state legislatures to create, fund and maintain a statewide system of elementary and secondary public education. NCSL’s Education Program provides the CliffsNotes for the historical and legal requirements and offers a policy framework for evaluating states’ revenue and financing infrastructures that underwrite elementary and secondary education. 


This story was first published in the Summer 2021 edition of State Legislatures magazine.

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