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State and Federal Efforts to Address PFAS Contamination

Given the breadth of the negative impacts of Per- and Poly-fluoroalkyls, known more commonly as PFAS, state legislatures and the federal government are taking action to mitigate the harm to public health and the environment caused by the production and use of these chemicals..


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There’s Still Time: Redistricting Policy Options for States

The Census Bureau is several months behind schedule in releasing the necessary data to draw redistricting lines. The silver lining, though, is that states have several more months to ensure they have the processes in place they think work best in their state.

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Finding Long-Term Solutions for Long-Term Care

Roughly half of Americans over 65 are predicted to need long-term services and supports, which include a range of medical and personal care services. To address high costs and ensure quality of care, states, the federal government and health systems use a range of prevention, treatment and coverage strategies.


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Bringing Health Care Prices to Light

Consumers are often in the dark when it comes to health care prices—and they’re not the only ones. Policymakers, employers and researchers frequently lack access to robust price data, which can act as a barrier for assessing health care markets and controlling costs.


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Promoting FAFSA to Get More Students Into Higher Education

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the most important step in obtaining a variety of federal and state financial aid. According to the National College Access Network, high school seniors who complete the FAFSA are 84% more likely to immediately enroll in postsecondary education.