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Increasing the Minimum Wage

Proponents of raising the minimum wage argue that the current federal rate is too low and not commensurate with the rising cost of living. Opponents, however, worry that an increase will place an undue burden on business owners, prompting layoffs and greater unemployment. 


impaired driving oral fluid testing

States Explore Oral Fluid Testing to Combat Impaired Driving

As states and law enforcement agencies explore avenues to remedy drug and alcohol testing issues, the use of oral fluids to detect drugs is gaining popularity.

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Preventing Military Veteran Suicides: State Policy Options

Veteran suicide prevention legislation in state legislatures focuses in several policy areas. These include enhancing treatment, early detection and training; collection of better data on veteran suicide; and establishing one-stop websites and offices and establishing commissions and/or task force.


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Sustaining and Supporting Rural Hospitals

Rural hospitals provide vital health care services and contribute to the overall economic and social well-being of rural communities. These services are important—as the health gap between urban and rural Americans continues to grow.


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State and Federal Efforts to Address PFAS Contamination

Given the breadth of the negative impacts of Per- and Poly-fluoroalkyls, known more commonly as PFAS, state legislatures and the federal government are taking action to mitigate the harm to public health and the environment caused by the production and use of these chemicals..