Apprenticeships: A Path to Working in a Licensed Occupation

Apprenticeships can help workers earn the education and experience needed to qualify for an occupational license and meet job demands. States enacted nearly 500 bills related to apprenticeships in 2020, underscoring the importance of this career pathway for state economies.


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Coping with Cancer During the COVID-19 Pandemic

About 1 in 3 of the 15 million people living with cancer experienced disruptions in their treatment and there was a significant reduction in screenings because of the COVID-19 pandemic. State lawmakers responded with efforts to improve health care access, affordability and equity.

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States Look to Lower Speed Limits

Speeding on roads and highways has been a public safety issue for decades, accounting for over 25% of annual motor vehicle crash deaths since 2008. Over the past decade, at least 10 state legislatures have given state and local governments more flexibility to lower speed limits.


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Improving Early Learning: 2020 State Policy Actions

The COVID-19 pandemic has stressed state education systems, exacerbating challenges faced by the youngest and most vulnerable students. In response, state lawmakers have introduced over 300 bills this year to improve early education.