Six Policy Decision Points on Absentee/Mail Voting

This brief explores six key policy points that can affect how smoothly a large volume of absentee/mail ballots can be processed―application deadlines, drop boxes, ballot receipt and postmark deadlines, ballot processing and signature cure periods.


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Removing Barriers to Breastfeeding

While all states allow women to breastfeed in public and private locations, state lawmakers in recent years have acted to further reduce barriers to breastfeeding, including in the workplace.

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Boosting Safety on College Campuses

In addition to protecting college students’ health during the coronavirus pandemic, state lawmakers this year introduced more than 100 bills designed to enhance safety on campus. The bills address sexual assault, hazing, guns, threat assessments and more.


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Raising Awareness About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Along with many private and public-sector employers, state legislatures are working to examine and improve their workplaces. Some legislative offices have revamped their training programs to include non-discrimination and implicit bias education or formed diversity, equity and inclusion committees.