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By Holly South

Thank you to the 30,000-plus legislative staff throughout the country and territories who keep their legislatures running, particularly in the more challenging years. Challenging is certainly one word that could be used to describe the past 12-plus months.

Word Cloud for staff weekLegislative staff have continued to perform at the top of their game during a worldwide pandemic that has changed how many legislatures operate and upended the entire concept of legislative work.

NCSL is delighted to once again celebrate the essential work that is often below the radar but always above and beyond—and the exceptional people who do it, day in and day out. We’ll highlight several of them over the course of the week and host a webinar and podcast geared specifically towards legislative staff. And you’ll have a chance to celebrate your peers.

Mark your calendars and look for these next week:

  • Legislative Staff Shoutouts: Leadership, innovation, collaboration, support or exceptional commitment—which of your colleagues come to mind? Give them a shoutout! They’ll receive public accolades and you’ll be entered to win a free NCSL Base Camp 2021 registration. Plus, the state with the most shoutouts will earn that much-coveted distinction: bragging rights. Connecticut and Delaware staff prevailed last year. Will either—or both—manage to do so again?
  • "Our American States" podcast: In "Know Your Why," two staffers discuss the reasons they joined the legislature, what motivates them and why they stay (available May 2).
  • Webinar: In "You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup: Legislative Staff and Servant Leadership," Vicki Clark will be on hand to explore this leadership style that focuses on serving, empowering and lifting up colleagues, as well as why all legislative staff should view themselves as servant leaders (May 5).
  • Join us for a conversation with NCSL Staff Chair Martha Wigton, Georgia House Budget and Research director, and NCSL Vice Chair J.J. Gentry, counsel for the South Carolina Senate (May 6).
  • Daily blogs highlighting legislative staff and tips to assist their work.
  • A new series of legislative staff profiles: Get to know your colleagues in other states.

We’re looking forward to next week and hope you’ll join us in celebrating legislative staff.

Holly South is with NCSL’s Legislative Staff Services Program and serves as the liaison to the American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries.

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