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If you're sorting your clothes by "work pajamas" and "sleep pajamas," you've pretty much made the full buy-in to working at home.

Man with child holding laptopSo how to make the best use of your telecommuting? How to establish a healthy work/life balance? How to keep the workday from morphing into one giant blur?

Jill Johnson, president and founder of Johnson Consulting Services and the author of the bestselling book “Compounding Your Confidence,” has a solid list of homebound suggestions in her article, "9 Tips for Success When Working Remotely," in the new issue of State Legislatures magazine.

Here's one:

Avoid the Time Trap

It is not uncommon for people to feel guilty that they are not working hard enough when working remotely. It is easy to fall into the time trap: seeking out additional job responsibilities to fill your time. Remember, you won’t have the same opportunities for productivity once you go back to a normal office environment. You and your boss should be clear about this so the extra work does not cause complications when you return to the work setting.

And one from The NCSL Blog: Beware of stepping barefoot onto a Lego piece.

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