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By Christi Zamarripa

Attendees at NCSL’s redistricting seminar in Providence, R.I., were given the chance to get hands-on practice with drawing districts. The seminar offered a virtual mapmaking exercise to redistrict 14 state house districts in Dallas County, Texas.  

The participants were given the “rules” of the game—the same rules that apply in real-world redistricting. The exercise reinforced the complexity and difficulty in drawing districting maps. It’s not easy to develop from scratch districts that are compact, contiguous and of equal population. The exercise of drawing maps proved to be beneficial to the simulation participants.

Check out the simulation maps created in Providence:

The intricacy of redistricting is great, so the more learning and practice a redisticter can get, the better. To help gear you and your staff up for the upcoming redistricting cycle, you may want to attend one or more of NCSL's upcoming redistricting seminars. The next seminar will be in Columbus, Ohio on Oct. 24-27.

Christi Zamarripa is a policy associate with NCSL’s Elections and Redistricting Program.

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