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By Mick Bullock

Stacy HouseholderWhat can Congress learn from state legislatures, the nation’s laboratories of democracy, about best practices, particularly when it comes to helping new members succeed?

Well, quite a bit.

On Thursday, the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress held a hearing titled, “Fostering the Next Generation of Leaders: Setting Members up for Success.”

Stacy Householder, NCSL’s director of leadership, training and international programs, was invited to provide testimony. Householder was asked to discuss what NCSL staff have observed as best practices in state legislatures, including leadership training and tools to develop newly elected members.

In her testimony before Congress, Householder offered a primer on training in the states, including:

  • What states are doing to provide training.
  • What type of training NCSL offers.
  • How NCSL determines what training to offer and what approaches NCSL uses to deliver training.
  • What institutions do to promote leadership development.
  • Some strategies and questions for Congress to consider.

The more than two hours of testimony was a great opportunity for members of Congress to see up close the amount of work that goes into strengthening the individual legislator.

Mick Bullock is NCSL’s director of public affairs.

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Stacy Householder is NCSL’s director of leadership, training and international programs.

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