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By Kristen Hildreth

The NCSL Natural Resources and Infrastructure Committee’s annual Spring Webinar Series continues with a look at how states can prioritize traffic safety interventions.

Photo by Pok Rie from PexelsCapsule previews of the webinars:

 May 23 | New Transportation Technology—Avoiding a Patchwork

Some important milestones for unmanned aerial systems including the implementation of Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Integration Pilot Program and passage of the FAA Reauthorization Act occured last year. While this technology represents significant breakthroughs, the question of how drones should be regulated is at the top of legislators minds. Join us to hear from two experts about what these, and other key updates mean for drones in 2019 and beyond.  Register now!

June 6 | The Plight of Plastic

Plastic is a common component of everyday life. And increasingly, the target of legislation. In the past year alone, state legislatures have considered more than 200 bills related to plastic bags, straws and foam containers. While most would ban single-use plastics, a significant number would impose a “ban on bans,” preempting any action at the local level. This webinar will explore the future of plastic from production to disposal, including various policy options. Register now!

June 20 | The Emerging Regulatory and Legislative Landscape of Cell-Cultured Meat

In five years, will your “meat” be raised from calf to steer in a green pasture, or grown from stem cells in a petri dish? The biotechnology enabling cell-cultured meat is becoming more prevalent and accessible, with federal regulators recently defining their roles with respect to regulation and oversight of the production and labeling of human food produced from cultured cells of amenable species. Join us as we hear from policy experts to discuss some of the major issues at play in both the federal and state arena including state labeling requirements and federal regulation of the products. Register now!

June 27 | The Need for an Electric Grid Transformation

Much of the nation’s electric grid network is aging and outdated, but rapid advancements in new technologies—along with shifting consumer preferences and a changing energy mix—may provide innovative and important opportunities to upgrade the nation’s electric system. Costs are plummeting for energy storage and renewable energy projects, while utilities are investing in smart metering infrastructure and demand management solutions—all of which require a rethinking of traditional grid investment and traditional grid operations. This webinar will explore the major elements of grid modernization and experts will discuss the policies that are shaping the future of the nation’s electric grid. Register now!

NCSL webinars allow attendees to participate in meetings taking place around the world from the comfort of their desk. They are collaborative, interactive, easy to use and free of charge. Most webinars will be recorded for those who are unable to attend the live meeting.

To attend any of the webinars, you must first register to participate. Most registration periods will close a day prior to the webinar, or when max capacity is reached. For those who missed out on last year’s series, you can find all the information, including recordings, here.

Questions? Email Kristen Hildreth, or call 202-624.3597

Kristen Hildreth is a policy specialist with NCSL's National Resources and Infrastructure Committee.

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