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By Emily Maher

Despite an accelerated growth of 264,000 manufacturing jobs in 2018, the total percentage of civilian workers in the manufacturing sector is the lowest it’s ever been.

apprentice in hard hatMillions of manufacturing jobs are going unfilled. These jobs frequently provide high wages with benefits, yet many regions struggle to find qualified candidates.

Advocates are working to show how manufacturing jobs provide access to good careers with opportunities for creativity, engagement with new technology, and innovative and rewarding work. As a result, many states are looking at ways to match workers with jobs.  

Learn more about manufacturing trends and opportunities during the National Conference of State Legislatures upcoming webinar, Manufacturing as a Career Path: Opportunities and Insights for State Legislators ”at 10 a.m. MT on Thursday, May 30.

This webinar will also address steps that legislators and other state leaders can take to raise awareness and promote stakeholder engagement.

Marty Romitti, a senior fellow at the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness, will moderate the webinar. Romitti has over 20 years of experience in job creation and economic sustainability efforts.

Eric Seleznow, senior advisor at Jobs for the Future, will present on apprenticeship and workforce development. Senators Elaine Bowers of Kansas and Linda Greenstein of New Jersey will share their strategies to close the employment skills gap and retain workers within the manufacturing sector.   

The webinar complements the recently released NCSL LegisBrief “Strategies to Save and Create Manufacturing Jobs”, which discusses cost-effective public-private partnerships to foster long-term manufacturing job growth.

To register for this webinar, please visit our webpage.

Emily Maher is a research analyst II in NCSL's Fiscal Affairs program.

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