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By Julie Lays

State Legislatures magazine has been “the magazine of state politics and policy” for 45 years. It’s reputation and popularity are strong.

State Legislatures magazine coverBut it was time for a redesign—you could call it a mid-life crisis of sorts. So we gave it a facelift with an updated, more modern look without messing around too much with the actual content.

Focus groups held last year and a random survey of our members showed a high percentage of you like the content but would appreciate shorter stories and more graphics. We’ve done both. The online version, too, will be refreshed when the NCSL website gets updated soon.

You’ll notice the “masthead” (our name on the cover) is quite different. We discovered too many of our readers didn’t know the magazine is an NCSL product. The new look leaves no doubt. We’ve also simplified the design and will now publish six issues a year.

We strive to make each issue of this magazine relevant to you in your challenging jobs. Behind the bold, clean new design, you’ll discover solutions you can adapt to your state, insights to challenge your previously held assumptions, facts to bolster your positions, people you can relate to, ways to improve your work skills, and, we hope, a phrase or story to make you chuckle, all written in an engaging style that helps you digest it the first time you read through it.

Now we’d love to hear from you, our readers. Let us know when you question or disagree with an opinion expressed in a story. Call when you want to know more details about the topic of an article. Even better, let us know when reading State Legislatures prompted you to act, perhaps introducing legislation or reaching out to your constituents.

State Legislatures is the only magazine dedicated solely to legislators and their staff. Make it yours.

Julie Lays is the editor State Legislatures magazine.

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